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This weekend News Corp published a list of top 50 Australian reality stars whose lives changed after they hit our screens, based on their Instagram followings and career success.
Here is the top 10. You may be surprised at who’s at No.1.

  1. Harry Jowsey
  2. Courtney Act
  3. Elyse Knowles
  4. Lara Worthington
  5. Reynold Poernomo
  6. Dr Chris Brown
  7. Sophie Monk
  8. Sam Frost
  9. Guy Sebastian
  10. Anna Heinrich

Never heard of him.


Harry starred in the first season of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, which debuted in April last year.

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Same goes for:


Winner of The Block a few years ago

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I’m pretty sure a fair few people even here would be Googling “Who is…” for Harry Jowsey, Elise Knowles and Reynold Poernomo! Think I’ve only heard of Anna Heinrich, Lara Worthington and Courtney Act before due to their names occasionally being mentioned on this forum.

And of course just about everyone has heard about Dr Chris Brown, Sophie Monk, Sam Frost & Guy Sebastian because they’ve all been regular fixtures on our screens for years.


You don’t know Courtney Act? You must be living under a rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lara Worthington made me think but more people would know her by her maiden name Lara Bingle. Anna Heinrich is known because she’s married to The Bachelor/Neighbours Tim Robards but she was also on the awful show Trial by Kyle.

Reynold was another one I had to think about but he’s mostly known by his first name than his whole name. Most people would just call him Reynold from Masterchef. I don’t watch it but he does have a high profile. :laughing:

But I really doubt whether Harry or Elyse are that well known.


what a great way to rank something :roll_eyes:


What reality show did Chris Brown appear in as a contestant? He did reports on Harry’s Practice, then hosted Bondi Vet, then I’m a Celebrity.

Ive never heard of Harry number 1 either

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Chris Brown was one of three reality show hosts included in the list. Gretel Killeen was No.50 and Osher Gunsberg was No.33.
The full list can be found here

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I found a flaw early on in the list, so I won’t bother going any further.

But he also has another 108K following the Fitzy and Wippa account.


That 6-10 list is more worthy than the 1-5 lol. What a dodgy list.


Peter Overton in a news update just referred to “Channel 9” when mentioning the Late News.

These days you don’t usually hear TV personalities or promos mention “Channel” (7, 9 or 10) anymore, but it was much more common back in 80s and 90s. I would like to hear “Channel” used more often in conjunction with the branding.

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As someone pointed out in the comments, Nine seem to have forgotten that apart from Celebrity Apprentice, they are doing a celebrity Christmas edition of Lego Masters The Block was made of previous contestants and personalities from other reality shows.

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So local quotas are removed and foreign productions boom but local drama and kids productions drop.

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Some more analysis on local drama productions.


The new structure follows Fremantle’s increased shareholding in Eureka last year and will see the label take on production of all Fremantle’s entertainment catalogue, including Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol and Farmer Wants A Wife.

Eureka produces programs across all networks. Full list:

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