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Hopefully this is the most relevant thread to discuss the future of TV on the Gold Coast.

As it stands right now, there are regional areas with a considerably smaller population than the Gold Coast that already have TV markets (or at the very least, sub-markets within a wider aggregated market) of their very own.

Particularly if the region’s population continues to boom like it has in recent times (hitting 1 million and essentially becoming a 2nd metropolitan area for QLD would be historic), I personally think the establishment of a standalone TV market for the Gold Coast is inevitable at some point in the future. The big question though, is when.


The relevance of local TV these days is so low that I wouldn’t expect ACMA to have the initiative to actually do anything.

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I think it is far more likely for TV markets to merge rather than for a new one to be created. Regional TV will become increasingly irrelevant.


Have split off the discussion into a new thread as I didn’t think it was quite right for the other thread and couldn’t find anything else suitable. As you were.


Eventually when the metro networks buy out all their regional affiliates I doubt it will matter.

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Nine news Regional victoria is crap .What they should of done is a 15 minute bulletin like Win does .No one that is 200 or more kms away cares about what happens in melbourne anyways

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Why would they though? Their content including news now has 100% Australia wide coverage, in some instances with their branding intact (e.g. Southern Cross and 9) and they get a guaranteed income from the affiliates and don’t have to worry about pesky things like profits, employees or transmitters or whatever else. It’s all done for them and they get a dividend no matter what.


Don’t wanna sound rude but I don’t even know what you want to say. Punctuations would be greatly appreciated.

done lol



Well the whole point of SCA doing it restructure was to eventually sell the TV stations to Nine where affiliation was set up and the rest to which ever of the reaming to regional to buy i or to Seven (clearly as they are moving to 7 branding for the most part with exception to News in Tasmania).

I doubt Seven would be interested in Prime in terms of a buy out and WIN tried to get TEN and (thankfully CBS stepped in) but would CBS be interested in WIN?

as for Gold Coast region, too early right now, its a fractured coastal market with some inland + south of board down well Tweed heads is very close the regional networks would be pissed that viewers there would be getting 'clean" feeds instead of dirty regional feeds (in terms of advertising and news)

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There are two things that make the regional stations poor investments for the metros

  • it removes a revenue stream (affiliate rights)
  • Regional stations by virtue of their coverage areas have enormous liabilities in terms of transmission costs

My first word was …

As Rachel Hunter said “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”.


Ah, my favorite word. Eventually.

I know there are totally different dynamics going on in the US, but back last year when the FCC eliminated the “home studio” rule which required studios to be located in the markets they’re based in, people were freaking out.

I wonder, though, if we’ll get to Australia levels of aggregation. Or if there’s any way to have live, local news in Wagga from dawn to moonrise. Joplin, Missouri, somehow does it.


I think this is the best place to share this following article.

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Wasn’t sure of best thread to share this article, but thought it was an interesting read re comedians appearing on Aussie TV and difficulty pitching shows to our FTA networks.



It doesn’t remove revenue stream. It double it.

That’s one if the reasons Nine bought STW Perth, NWS Adelaide and NBN Newcastle. All 3 used to be affiliates.

And why Seven bought Prime7

Instead of collecting 50% of ad revenue, they double it and collect 100%

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