Australian TV industry - General Discussion

Some Nine sponsored research into viewing habits with advertising.

Summary - advertising on TV is better than on social media.

Longer adverts on linear television and BVOD provide a significantly longer window of active attention from viewers compared to equivalent length ads on social platforms, the most technologically advanced study into attention to advertising ever undertaken in Australia has found

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Currently the 20 year anniversary special doesn’t have a broadcaster.

Aussie TV networks will be relying on big-name celebrities, extravagant costumes, social media buzz and inclusivity this Sunday, as they scrum down for the most fierce reality show battle yet.

Seven’s My Kitchen Rules, Nine’s The Block and Ten’s the Masked Singer go head-to-head in a highly-anticipated clash, not even the Commonwealth Games could delay.

Seven, as the official broadcast partner of the Birmingham games, fast-tracked its third-quarter tent-pole shows’ launch, despite competition still running in the UK.

David Knox, of blog TV Tonight, believes the time difference means there will be minimal impact on the reality ratings anyway.

“Most of the key (Commonwealth Games) medal events are after 8.30pm but Seven can’t afford to let The Block or Masked Singer have a free pass,” he said.

“Spending all that money on Birmingham is principally about launching its next slate of shows.”