Australian Survivor

I thought it was a good ep tonight. Got a good grasp on the dynamic of the titans tribe.

Everything about it was very predictable to anyone that has watched an episode before. The tribe that talk strategy before the immunity challenge lost and went to tribal shock. And the one that the contestants were targeting on the way back from immunity turned out to be safe.

It’s ok for ep1, but hope the edits shake it up more this season.


I think it’s the first time in the show’s history an immunity idol has been made as a large trophy cup.

It seems network execs are beginning to realise shows stripped 4 or 5 times a week is too much but when will they learn about episode length too. That first episode really was a chore to get through and the second could have been 10-15 minutes shorter too. 20 minutes of footage just to cover the fall out of immunity and tribal is too much - it’s something where less is actually more and it’s better for viewers to be unaware of every move in play so they can be surprised by the result.


(the top right photo was taken at the Australian Open last week)

Each episode of Talking Tribal will also be available on YouTube. Here is episode 1 of the Titans v Rebels season

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Good season so far. Pretty good tribal tonight. That Kelli seems like a complete fucking idiot but adds to the chaos.


Ah good old Survivor Aus promos, spoiling the outcome of the immunity challenge before the episode even airs.

I get Kelli can be way too much but the way people were rubbishing her to her face or within her earshot wasn’t pleasant to watch. Older women already have bigger hurdles on Survivor so to see a lot of people dog piling on her sucked. Yes she can be loud and obnoxious but it’s those people that rub everyone the wrong way you take to the end. You don’t pick off the low hanging fruit just because they annoy you. Walk away or ignore.

Alex is such a tool. The way he speaks to Kelli just confirms that he’s a douche bag. Arrogant, egotistical and thinks he’s god’s gift. Please. He should also be the last person to bitch about challenge performance considering he threw a challenge. Thankfully that’s come back to bit him on his arse multiple times. I have no idea why Kelli saved his pathetic self, he visibly can’t stand her.

Speaking of challenge performance, as Kelli pointed out she wasn’t the only poor performer. Alex has been very hit or miss in challenges. He absolutely sucked in the twisted net and his chopping skills in this one weren’t great.

Mark is so slimy. I cannot stand him and I wish more people were wise to him flitting around the different groups. He’s such a politician, too much smarm and fake charm. It’s obvious he’s going to turn on the old alliance as Valeria can’t stand Caroline and he’s closer to the Vs.

I don’t like Jayden either. He does nothing around camp except lift the camp mates as stupid weights, yet for someone self proclaimed as a strongman he absolutely failed that coconut holding challenge and he even had less coconuts.

All in all it’s a pretty good season so far. It was also nice to see the edit shared around in the last few episodes too.

10 really telegraphed the blind side tonight with the promos then the edit actually showed what was happening to such an extent where the audience knew who was going. There was no real surprise for the audience despite it surprising the contestants.


Yeah, some of the best tribals in history are when the audience is just as blind sided as the contestants. They should do it more.

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The elimination in last night’s episode didn’t live up to 10’s promo “the biggest blindside”. If the other contestant was voted out, then it would have been “the biggest blindside”.

Tonight was a great episode. Love the chaos. Didn’t know what was going to happen until the end.

It will be interesting to see if Ri even understands what she did.

Bit of an overuse of the word ‘Blindside’. Sarah was openly told that she was part of multiple plans.


I think Blindside in the 10 marketing context just means a vote out where the person didn’t see their elimination coming and thought someone else would go home.

To be honest, that’s most vote outs in recent seasons as most players have moved beyond ‘vote the weakest in challenges’ and they’ve casted more fans that want to play hard.

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Unusual twist in last night’s episode, in which every member of the losing tribe had to complete an additional challenge at the tribal council, to earn one of three votes (and be exempt from being voted out). Had this happened in a previous season?

Most seasons have had some form of challenge at a tribal. It’s always in episodes that don’t have a rewards challenge, the contestants must be onto it.

Again last night, right after the immunity “Aileen is nervous and she should be” 20mins later she is safe. The producers need to shake it up, it’s getting far too obvious.

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God that fucking sucked and it was such a great season until last episode.

Production must have been wetting themselves because no matter which tribe went to tribal there was a good chance their poxy favourites (Alex, Mark, Kirby & Ferass) would have been saved given the type of challenge. Funny how it’s always when the producers faves are on the outs and in danger of being booted there is these type of ridiculous shenanigans. Anything to give them one more chance to save themselves.

Any time when production takes player’s votes away from them always sucks. It reminded me of US season 45 at final 9 which equally sucked.

I noticed no one was ragging on Alex’s piss poor challenge performance when he fell off the beam. Funny how Kelli is the only one to be called out as shit in challenges.

I didn’t really care for Charles, probably because production gave him all of ten lines in ten episodes but it would have been way more satisfying if Aileen was booted. You shouldn’t be punished for playing the game well.

Jayden has grown on me in the last episodes and I like him working with the old hag alliance.

That new challenge JLP was hyping up a couple of episodes ago with the ball and pulleys was beyond lame. It was so boring to watch with all the stilted play. Though generally the challenges have been pretty good if not unnecessarily aggressive like the coconut spelling one.

I hope last episode was a blip and the rest of the season finishes as strongly as it has started because apart from Alex & Mark I like or can tolerate the rest.

Loved the last episode. Anything that puts Kirby in her place is fine by me. :grinning: Not a big fan of Feras but he’s more likeable than Kirby.

But it didn’t though. It delayed the inevitable. If Kirby had lost Scott or Kelli then it would have taken the wind out of her sails but Charles was sent packing which is a no biggie and it solidified Valeria & Winna working with Kirby.

It also gave a preview to how Ferass would do in individual immunity challenges which has prematurely raised this threat level which was already sky high.

I liked both Kirby & Ferass equally at the beginning but Ferass, Garrick & Alex shitting all over Kelli needlessly turned me off him considerably.

Why should Kirby be put in her place? What, can’t we have a strong ballsy woman that can put people in their places and isn’t afraid to be a doormat or meek.


No ass in Feras.

Or balls either anymore given the last challenge and the rope net.

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Uuh the promo for tomorrow just showed very clearly who wins the rewards challenge, and who they bring along to it.

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