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Sigh another shit production rigged episode back to back. Blessed. So of course because Mark, Alex & Ferass and co were clearly on the bottom aka Producer’s faves we just had to have another pointless non elimination episode. Honestly, I’m sure Survivor has made more than enough money now for there not to be padded out episodes where the Survivor Gods Producers dictate things and no one goes home. Reduce the episode amount.

The Jayden confused thing amounted to nothing, just like the other times where the edit has portrayed him a brain dead follower doofus. Pretty insulting.

The challenge was meh. Yet another endurance one and we haven’t even hit merge.

Good to see them spoiling outcomes next episode too. I guess we know who wins the reward.


Come on Aileen!

Ferass (or as is his name) Feras was not on the tribe at elimination last episode so that ruins your argument about him.

There is nothing wrong with a strong ballsy woman as you put it, at all. Kirby is not one though! She’s just an arrogant person with a big mouth and as bad as some of the so called alpha males we get on these shows.

Very unusual rewards challenge tonight.

I said Kirby, Ferass, Mark & Alex were the favs. Seeing as both producer manipulated episodes heavily favoured three out of the four mentioned and saved them and their alliances it worked out perfectly.

Yes she is. She isn’t afraid of making big decisions or calling out people to their face. She takes leadership in her stride and can see the big picture without umming or ahhing like so many others do.

Are you really going to single out her arrogance when Tobias, Alex, Ferass, Mark & Garrick were so much worse. Not to mention Alex, Ferass & Garrick were openly cruel and derogatory towards players. Is this a case where men are allowed to be one thing, but when a woman does something she’s singled out, ostracised, mislabeled and called a cunt or a bitch? Not saying you name called but your sentiment seems slightly misogynistic.

As for big mouth I’ll guess you’ll ignore Alex then.

It makes a nice change to have an Alpha female for once. We’ve had way too many roided up cocky douche bros for too many seasons. Is Kirby perfect, of course not, but to me she’s a million times better than the so called Alpha males this season or of seasons past.

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Another crap episode riddled with embarrassingly terrible gameplay.

Idols put targets on your back, yes Kirby until you get idolled out and they don’t fall for your stupid bluff to flush. Shakes head. I still can’t believe Kirby and her alliance all sat out and ate. She also doesn’t see that the alliances Rhiannon is making will be for naught due to the Viola blindside. Plus she and alliance have no idols. Dumb.

Valeria really has a mouth on her in tribals. All that planning to flush idols just to blow it to put Kelli in her place. Dumb.

Ferass allowing Alex to get the idol. Mind numbingly dumb. He is a dumb tool that couldn’t even find it and needed it to be handed to him. Allowing a useless, reckless fool that much power is just beyond. He willingly played both sides on original Rebels, has openly been stated he couldn’t be trusted and has a poor read on things. Also two idols mean twice the fear and opportunity to protect an alliance member. Why bother even looking for idols if you have no intention of keeping it. Cocky big mouth Alex would have spilt the beans anyway. Ferass, Dumb. Dumb.

Good riddance to Kelli. I get her point about going after the bigger fish and not wasting it on a non entity wierdo kook like Raymond, but to blow your game up for a one sided friendship. Dumb.

Aileen for something that paints themselves as strategic and knew where the idol was and you still couldn’t find it. Dumb

Ferass & Kirby take the cake though. Instead of letting petty grievances dictate your vote, now would have been the perfect opportunity for either of them to put their dislike of Kelli aside and make a move. All Kirby had to do was shift the target to Aileen or for Ferass to bring Kelli in and literally take anyone out. DDDDUUUMMMBBBB.

I don’t think Kitty could have framed it any better but that was painful to watch. Just cringe inducing her trying to spin it to Viola’s BFF that has never liked or trusted you.

Alex surprisingly didn’t make a dumb move. So the doofus music and Kelli holding up a tiny pink Saveloy and asking him if it reminded him of anything and seeing get humiliated will occupy my thoughts instead.

Happy Rhiannon found the idol, especially over Mark.

I did like the reward and the set up. Either feast or opportunity for an idol. Nice.

The challenge felt like it was thrown so it was pretty underwhelming. The whole episode was just boringly obvious. You knew before the challenge that Titans would lose as the Rebels weren’t even featured.

All in all after such a positive and fun first two weeks, this week felt like such a let down.

In the absence of 10’s program highlights, here are synopses for next week’s episodes.

Sunday 25 February (two tribes merge)
An alliance still reeling from an earlier vote, leads to an all-out war. But their plan to avenge their friend’s blindside leads to outbursts and twists at Tribal Council.

Monday 26 February
Divided more than ever after the previous tribal, a feud continues to rampage through the tribe tearing alliances apart. Who will be going home tonight?

Tuesday 27 February
Newly formed alliances are tested, and an epic Reward is up for grabs that could change everything. Who will be going home tonight?

There would be 14 castaways at the merge, the biggest in Australian Survivor history.

Woah, a very strong word that I wouldn’t use to describe any woman and I don’t believe it should be on this forum.


I notice that this week’s episode of Talking Tribal on YouTube is much shorter than the podcast version. The YouTube video (which includes a George skit) goes for 55 minutes, but the podcast is 70 minutes long.

It’s the biggest in English Speaking Survivor history - a few Aussie & US seasons as well as one Sth African have merged at 13 but 14 is new.

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At last night’s tribal council, Scott elected to quit as he felt he was not mentally well enough to play the game properly.

I didn’t see this coming. At least he put his mental health first.

Biggest waste of an episode ever! Good that Scott put his mental health first but I always feel for others who applied for this series. It’s Survivor applicants know how tough it is!

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That’s a bit unfair.

Why? I didn’t say it was Scott’s fault the episode was a waste. Mental health is very important, I know first hand! It could have been done before Tribal council IMO though.

Producers probably asked him to hold off until Tribal. It saves them having another pointless twist.

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It’s always somewhat annoying when someone voluntarily leaves and you think of which one of the eliminated contestants could still be there in their place. 14/13 sure makes for a lot of variables at tribal. Fascinating to see who prevails.

I agree. Of course mental health comes first, but his explanation frustrated me. Basically said he knew himself, knew he would struggle, and knew what he was getting into, but did it anyway.

Putting his mental health first would mean not putting himself in that situation, and not robbing someone else of the opportunity.



Well that episode was disappointing. All that buildup for nothing. I feel bad Scott was struggling but it seemingly came out of nowhere and I feel bad for the players snuffed out that would have stayed.

Kirby again was a let down. I can’t believe that, for now, she’s decided to be rebel strong even though she doesn’t trust Alex and Ferass and tried to vote them out and Aileen & Raymond are firmly aligned to Ferass. I don’t get why you would discard all the relationships Rhiannon had been creating. It seems like unless Kirby thinks of something it is worthless and it’s her way or the highway. She also needs to cool her responses with tribal and talking to people. She looked demonic when she tried to yank Scott away from Kitty and she isn’t subtle at Tribal and has almost ruined several plans like the Garrick vote.

I love the old hags but this episode was brutal. Seriously, this is the third vote Mark has been a snake and they still don’t believe anyone that tells the truth about him. Caroline he tried to vote you out and you have had multiple people tell you he plots against you. Kitty at Tribal was something else too.

Challenges were boring and basic. Two variations of endurance, yeah so much fun to watch.

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That was a great episode. Caroline seems like a really annoying person and would be hard to get along with, but credit where it’s due, she’s turning into a power player. Twice now she’s been in on the chopping block and turned it right around and struck first.