Australian Survivor

That start date makes more sense.

#SurvivorAU: Titans v Rebels Starts Monday JAN 29

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I notice that the three most recent posts on the show’s Facebook page have been amended to show the new premiere date.

The first promo noticed with the new date was during the 5pm news

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Profiles of the 24 Titans v Rebels contestants have been revealed, one week from the season premiere.

In One Week. You Must Choose A Side.

Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels Premieres Monday 29 January At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Two tribes. 24 all new players. Lawyers, sport agents, powerlifters, bounty hunters, teachers and firefighters. But only one sole Survivor. The ultimate game of survival begins on Monday, 29 January at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels , a showdown which pits the winners against the underdogs, the big wigs against the battlers in an epic fight to win the world’s greatest game.

Each player will compete for the ultimate prize of $500,000. And as the spirits of these ordinary, yet extraordinary, Australians are deprived of everyday basic comforts, with little more than the clothes on their back, they will need to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to get to the end.

Meet your castaways for 2024.


The Titans are the masters of their craft, the head honchos, the over-achievers.

Caroline - Midwife

No nonsense and organised, Caroline is a midwife from the North Coast of NSW who knows all about performing under pressure.

Charles - Litigation Lawyer

A litigation lawyer, Charles says building networks to gather information to farm out to other tribemates will be his best asset to get an advantage over others.

Eden - Cinema Area Manager

A pop culture Titan, Eden admits he might not look like a cliche Titan, but says being underestimated is not always a bad thing.

Frankie - Salon Owner

Bondi hair salon owner, Frankie, is the epitome of a Titan – she works hard, she’s determined and knows what she needs to do to get to the end.

Jaden - Strongman

A strongman, Jaden has pulled trucks at weights over 16 tonnes. With the build and the look of a classic Titan, Jaden is a unit in every sense of the word. But under that hulk exterior, is a big softie.

Jessica - Professional Academic

A senior lecturer, Jessica may have a resting bitch face but says she’s all smiles when you get to know her.

Kitty - Business Owner

A self-confessed “bogan from the Gold Coast,” Kitty says that building her businesses has given her the resilience needed to win this game.

Mark - Former Diplomat

Knowing what to say, when to say and how to say it is a key skill in the game of Survivor and there might not be anyone with more experience in that than Former Diplomat, Mark.

Nathan - AFL Agent

As a former AFL player, Nathan found his career was a bit of a roller coaster. Not one to let it get the best of him, Nathan found a new route as an AFL agent and feels his ability to adapt to the changes life throw at you will help him survive the game.

Valeria - Entertainment Business Owner

Self-sufficient, strong and proof not to judge a book by its cover, Valeria says she may look cute for day one but by day two, the sleeping bear inside of her will be ready to fight.

Viola - Powerlifter

A Titan by nature, Viola is a tough cookie both physically and mentally. A powerlift and strength and conditioning coach, Viola is a clear physical threat who will also use her charm to get ahead.

Winna - Competitive Eater

A Tik Toker with over 800,000 followers and a competitive eater, Winna has the charm and the skill to go all the way and a few tricks to make it more comfortable for him as well.


The Rebels are the mavericks, the ones who don’t play by the rules.

Aileen - Waitress

As a superfan of the show, Aileen’s seen enough players make mistakes and knows not to do the same.

Alex - Maths Teacher

Alex is a teacher who wants to buck the system. A true Rebel at heart, he isn’t afraid of putting his body on the line.

Feras - HR Manager

A larrakin who is ready to spin the game on its head, Feras is from Western Sydney and ready to represent his Arab community.

Garrick - Loss Prevention Officer

He may be one of the eldest on the tribe, but catching shoplifters as a Loss Prevention Officer on the Gold Coast, and knowing how to sniff out a rat, is child’s play to Garrick.

Kelli - Psychologist

As a psychologist, Kelli’s philosophy is “no bullshit”. Her entire working career has been preparing her for this game.

Kirby - AFLW Coach

Cheeky and full of pure Rebel nature, AFLW coach Kirby comes from a male dominated world and does not let anyone tell her what to do.

Peta - Bar Manager

Peta always felt like a Rebel growing up and believes that life would be bland if you didn’t have a bit of a rebellious streak in you.

Raymond - Retail

A lover of nostalgic pop culture, a music connoisseur and a lover of movies, Raymond knows the Rebels are a group to bet on.

Rianna - Paramedic

An adrenaline junkie by trade and for fun, Rianna is a paramedic from Adelaide who knows how to handle pressure.

Sarah - Firefighter

Never one to follow the pack, Sarah might be bubbly and sweet, but her exterior doesn’t show her tough interior.

Scott - Art Director

Scott is a Survivor super fan who won’t let people walk all over him in the game. As an Art Director at MONA Museum, he’s comfortable in the creative world, but thinks his fellow tribemates will be surprised to know he spends just as much time in the gym.

Tobias - Construction Manager

A highly competitive and extreme sport obsessed builder from Byron Bay, Tobias says he’s a Rebel as he’s bent and broken rules his whole life.

Pedtv only featured the diverse cast choices :roll_eyes:


The Tribe May Have Spoken, But Now It’s King George’s Turn.

Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal Is Back. Only On 10 Play.

For the best strat chat outside of Samoa, you’re going to need Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal.

With Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels commencing this Monday, 29 January, we have brought back everyone’s favourite companion series, Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal, for their fifth season of unpicking and unpacking.

Join Australian Survivor fan favourites, runner’s up George Mladenov and Chrissy Zaremba, alongside podcaster and Survivor expert Shannon Guss, in an alliance dedicated solely to post-episode strat chat.

Each week, this trio of experts will hold their own council discussions, breaking down blindsides, speculating about strategy and making predictions about future gameplay.

The first episode of Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal drops Wednesday, 31 January after episode three of Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels, with a new episode dropping weekly.

Watch Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal on 10 Play or listen to the podcast and delve into all the dramatic moves and moments that make Australian Survivor the ultimate game.

George and Chrissy on the panel … hard miss

I don’t know why they continue to promote this Shannon person.

Her takes are awful. She presents terribly and she would ultimately be horrendous if she ever played the game.

Would watch Talking Tribal if she wasn’t on it.

Interesting pick considering she didn’t know how the game worked before going on and basically stumbled her way through it. But good on her I guess?

God, even if he’s not on the main show George being on the spin-off ruins things.

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First 21 mins available on 10 play now.

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As much as I love these previews… I get really into it, then it cuts out. :smiling_face_with_tear:

“The producers of the show are promising a dynamic cast and plenty of surprises which even shocked host JLP during filming,” a production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Australian Survivor has created a name for itself as the most ruthless reality show on television, but don’t expect another King George this season.”

Casting producers immediately ruled out applicants that described themselves as “the new George”, with our insider adding: “We got that a lot and it was the opposite of what we were looking for.

“Sure, we can’t help some contestants studying past players, but if we see too much of the same gameplay we know our viewers will be disappointed. Keeping the show fresh is a priority and we want Australian Survivor around for many more years to come.”

Can they please rule out the old George for future seasons too.


She’s a Podcaster, for RHAP.

I’ve never understood her popularity, even as an RHAP listener.
She talks over guests, gets way too excited and has way less grasp of the game than she thinks.
I think she got into podcasting back in 2017, when Rob Cesternino opened his Podcast for audience members to host an episode each on their favorite returning player for Game Changers…And then just hung around from there?

She was also apparently a first boot on Australia’s Next Top Model? Idk, I don’t watch it. I just remember her bragging about being on the show, on a podcast once and I looked it up to find she barely was on it.

How she got a gig that former players would be way better suited to, I’ll never know.

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