Australian Place Name Pronunciations


Thanks, I had wondered about Narrogin and Wagin.


The town of Kiama is often pronounced as “Kee-arm-ar” by a lot of people.


Sydenham is SYD-num


Mum is from there.

Gun dah win di


I have read that, including proper nouns, the English word with the most varied spellings is air with 38 that of course includes Ayr (near Townsville)!


That’s correct. I’m not from there though, I just visit a friend down there. There is also a ‘Newmerella’ in Victoria near Orbost, possibly derived from the same Aboriginal word meaning ‘valley of plenty’. This map shows two distinct language groups for East Gippsland and the Monaro, but they may have intermingled.


Does that include Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! ?


I always would read (in my head, never needed to say it out loud luckilly) Indooroopilly as indoor-opoly - as if it was an indoor version of Monopoly.


Bah. It’s Marn-ee-ka.

I can’t think of many Canberra suburbs that people struggle to pronounce. Maybe the following:
Weetangera - wuh-tang-gerra
Pialligo - pee-ally-go
Bonython - bon-eye-thun
Molonglo - moe-long-glow
Wanniassa - one-ee-asah
Beard - as you’d expect. I just wanted to point out we have a suburb named Beard.


I guess that most people in Australia would know how to pronounce Warwick in Qld (as in Capper but not Dionne).


I’ve heard these incorrectly pronounced many times:

Launceston - “Lon-ces-ton”
Dynnyrne - “Din-urn”
Strahan - “Strorn”
Liawenee - “Lye-a-ween-ee”
Breadalbane - “Bre-dole-bin”
Recherche - “Research“


Many Australians pronounce Bathurst as Bath-Hurst. As a fellow Bathurstian, its pronounced Bath-urst.


And nearby to you…

Wallerawang = “Wal-lair-a-wang” (the emphasis on the “lair”).


Wandi - won-dee
Lesmurdie - Les-Mer-Di
Nirimba - Na-Rim-Ba

Mangerton- Man-ga-ton
Kiama - Kee-Ya-Ma
Bega - Bee-Ga
Murwillumbah - Mur-wa-lum-ba
Durambah - Der-Rum-Ba
Hexham- Hex-em
Kooragang - Coo-Ra-Gung


Casula Cah-SUE-lah

Mount Kuring-gai Mount Koo-RING-guy
Gymea Guy-MEE-ah

Kyeemagh Kye-EE-mah
Kiama Kye-a-mah


I’ve always heard Muwillumbah pronounced Mer-will-um-bar
Where is Durambah?


Duranbah. My mistake there. I was off on a tangent. Duranbah is a town on the Tweed Heads in NSW.


Duranbah is pronounced Duh-ran-bar


I was going to mention something earlier. I thought it was Mer-WILL-um-bah too.


Ahhh Merriwa. Home of the best little hardware store and supermarket I’ve ever done audits on. And a fantastic central school.