Australian Place Name Pronunciations


Some others in Brisbane

Petrie - Pee-tree
Mt Gravatt - Mount Grah-vatt (not Grav-itt)
Indooroopilly - In-drah-pilly
Ebbw Vale - Ebbo Vale
Taigum - age old debate among those who live there if it’s pronounced Tay-gum, Thai-jum or Thai-gum :joy:


Perth suburbs
Karrinyup - Karen-Up
Currambine- Cur-ram-Bine
Scarborough -Scar-Bor-Ra
Glendalough - Glen-Da-Low
Wangara- Wan-Garra
Carlisle - Car-Lile (silent s)
Guildford - Gil-ford
Muchea - Mew-Shay
Roleystone - Roll-Lee-Stone
Mundijong - Mun-Dee-Jong
Warnbro- Warn-bra
Medina - Ma-Dina


I’ve been unsure of this TV transmitter site in the Wide Bay region of QLD, wondered if @crankymedia or @TV.Cynic (or anyone else) knew, as they seem to be familiar with that region

Mt Goonaneman… is it




or something else?


Perth has this VERY long suburban name


Am I right in assuming it’s

“Cull-ah-cab-bar-dee” ?


There’s this curious conundrum from Canberra covered by the ABC last year:


Hmmm, Canberra. Nobody mention the alternative pronunciation of Can-BERRA to them for CAN-bra. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tumbulgum Northern NSW is tum-BUL gim NOT tumble-gum


And what about Mount Kosciuszko? Aussies say Ko-zee-OSS-ko

But the original Polish pronunciation is Kosh-CHUSH-ko and around the world it varies from Kos-ee-OSS-ko to Ko-SHOO-sko.

And then there’s the German Leicchardt which in Straya generally comes out as LIKE-art. :laughing:


Great idea for a thread.

Dumeresq River: DUE-MERRICK not DUMB-ERR-ESK! (OK, I was 12 at the time)
Weethalle (near West Wyalong): WEE-TALLY not WHEAT-HALL.
Lake Nillahcootie- what is the correct pronunciation here? NIL-A-COOTIE? This one appears on the Melbourne weather radar; it’s located north of Mansfield.
Coogee WA- COOH-GEE not COODGE-EE as with the Sydney suburb.

Also got Albany wrong the first time I visited; I was surprised that AL-BANY rather than ALL-BANY was correct, particularly since the latter is used for the New York capital. The LUCK-NOW vs LUCK-KNOW debate is very unsettled according to a learned Millthorpe resident; I’m not sure how the one in India is pronounced.


Ravenshoe - nothing to do with footwear: Ravens-hoe NOT Raven-shoe :slight_smile:



Moorooka more-oo-car

Tarragindi is pronounced like it’s spelt

Indooroopilly is indropilly.

Also I always get irritated when Americans say Brisbayyne or Mel-born. Brisbin and Melbun.


There’s a Melbourne in the US and I’m pretty sure that’s how they pronounce it as.


I’m pretty sure the Guildford we have in Sydney is also pronounced that way.


As you drive into San Fran from the south you pass through beautiful downtown Brisbane - pronounced Briz-bayn by the locals. Floridians tend to say Mel-burn.


Unless you’re from Melbourne, in which case you pronounce it MAL-bun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They pronounce it as Cull-ah-cab-bar-dee.
Wundowie, a rural suburb 67km NE of Perth: Wen-Dow-Wee
Melaleuca, a forestry suburb North of Perth: Mel-La-Lu-Ca
Dunsborough, a popular Leavers location: Duns-bor-Ra
Dawesville, a location south of Mandurah: Dors-Vil


I know you have a Merriwa in Perth too.

We have one in the Hunter Valley spelt the same way, but we say


And I believe yours is



The City of Cockburn in Perth is pronounced the far less smutty CO-burn



My pronunciation as a school kid was even worse


And re Goondiwindi, I work with a girl from that town, she tells me that some locals say it one way, some say it the other.

I believe you’re from Numeralla, NSW… is that “New-mer-ral-lah”?


Northam: Nor-th-am
Caversham: Cav-a-shm
Beckenham: Beck-ken-nem
Maddington: Mad-Ding-Ten
Oldbury: Old-bery
Narrogin: Narra-jin
Wagin: Wa-jin
Eucla: U-Cla
Moora: Mo-Ra
Wilbinga: Will-Bing-a
Brabham: Brab-em
Postans: Post-ens
Innaloo: Inner-loo
Doubleview: Double-vyu
Karrakatta: Ka-ra-Kat-ta
Myaree: My-a-ri
Corrigin: Cor-Ra-Jin
Wannanup: Wan-nan-nup