Australian Open Rights 2025-

The Australian is reporting/speculating that the value of the next Australian Open tennis rights will “soar” based on Nick Kyrgios’ run at Wimbledon.

Nine currently holds the exclusive rights to screen the Australian Open, having paid $350m for a six-year contract from 2019 to 2024, inclusive.

But with rival network Seven widely expected to make a strong play for the next ­broadcast deal, coupled with the breakout performance of ­Kyrgios at Wimbledon, Nine will probably have to write a bigger cheque next time than the one it gave Tennis Australia in 2019.

After Ash Barty’s retirement the value of the rights was marked down but that will now be revised after Wimbledon.

One industry insider told The Australian that aside from the AFL and the NRL, the rights to the Australian Open could easily become the most valuable free-to-air sporting broadcast deal in the next two years.

Also noted that Seven’s cricket contract expires in 2024 regardless of the current court proceedings.

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Will they be able to afford it on their own? Given 9 were forking out a large sum. Or will seven be going down the simulcast road?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed 9’s coverage. Hope it stays with them.


Nick’s run shouldn’t change much, he’s not terribly likely to do it again

I was happy with 7 before they went to 9. Now I’m happy with Nine/Stan Sport so I guess we’ll see what happens.


With 7 trying to get rid of Cricket, I think that 7 might get back Tennis, with 9 having Cricket again, just like pre-2018.


The value of Australian Open broadcast rights should not depend on the performance of one player. What if Nick Kyrgios’ form drops over the coming months? Also, the likes of Federer, Nadal and even Djokovic are expected to retire in the next decade.

Having said, I would love to see Seven regaining the tennis rights.


There will always be other upcoming players to take the place of popular ones.

Tbh… I think after the mess with the Cricket… I would like to see Seven return to Tennis, and Nine take back the cricket rights.


As long as they don’t go for another simulcast deal with FOXTEL.




I also enjoy 9s coverage. Mainly because I think it’s almost indistinguishable from what 7 produced in the last years of the contract. Both excellent products for a tennis fan.


I’m sure Seven would LOVE to have the tennis back. It’s just after all the raucus with cricket I think there’s plenty of reasons to think that TA might not want to deal with Seven.

7plus would be used in any tennis deal if Seven gets the rights back.

Last few years of their deal with TA included a freemium 7Tennis App which was $19.95 IRRC on tablets and PC’s

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I can understand that but my proposition is they cannot afford the rights and will seek to regain them with some shitty simulcast deal. Most of their sports rights involve fox. 9 paid more than they were prepared to pay last time and what’s to say they can afford a significant increase on 9’s rights payment for only 2 weeks of content.

It is best they stay with 9. TA won’t want to risk court cases from Seven. It would also be best that seven stay away from Cricket rights. It might be best for all if they do not have a summer sport at all.


Foxtel no longer have any interest in these high priced 2 week tournaments and that goes for the Olympics too.

They’re after season long leagues.


Yes and the cricket could be split between Ten, Nine and Foxtel, with Nine getting the Test series, Ten/Foxtel getting the Big Bash.

No foxtel can’t have anything to do with it. They’re rubbish ajd overpriced

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I agree. But I feel Seven is stuck. The only way they can obtain these deals is with a joint venture.

Then they go without. Best they don’t have anything really. They’re a disaster with all this carry on and nonsense.

Because that’s how you run a business.