Australian Open Rights 2025-

That really wouldn’t benefit anyone in the media landscape. Seven needs a major change in their whole attitude and structure to the way they run things, then we can talk about dealing and negotiating. At the moment their little rantfest about everything is sleep-inducing.

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To quote those Industry SuperFunds ads, “Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance”. In other words, just because Seven is engaging in legal action against CA doesn’t mean they’ll inevitably engage in legal action against every sporting league/competition they have rights to.


They did it in 2000 when they lost the AFL. They’ve got a bad track record in this area.

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I did love 7’s coverage but I do feel that 9 are much better at soaking up the atmosphere of Melbourne Park. Towards the end of 7’s tennis years they were presenting in front of a screen. It’s like they had given up! Absolutely deserved to loose the rights.

This is why broadcasting from the Olympics is great in adding to the coverage.


Seven would probably sue Tennis Australia if the Australians have a particularly bad tournament and if Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer all retire


They do a really good job at all of that. TA would be happy with the level of traction they’re getting from the 9 activation.


And they had the worst hosts: Hamish McLachlan and Mel McLaughlin.

Bothers me to no end why they didn’t use the likes of Bruce, Kylie, Beretts, Jim Wilson etc.

I’m surprised Seven haven’t sued Tennis Australia for Ash Barty performing so well after they lost the rights.


Yup. If it is not exactly how Seven wants, they throw a big tantrum and sue the company.

Yep, plus with all the slams in one place with Stan Sport, TA must be happy with things at Nine.


TA is happy with the incumbents


Story back in April about the next Tennis rights deal


They did used to use Bruce in the 2000s, then they got him back in the commentary bunker with Jim Courier (after John Alexander went into politics).

Kylie did used to be part of the coverage in the 2000s.

Beretta and Wilson were regular members of the coverage, including in Seven’s final years.


My only complaint is they’ve used the same set every year. Due for a refresh, but the location is great.