Australian Idol

Well it didn’t make the top 50 on the ARIA charts and not even in the top 20 Australian songs.

According to Spotify it’s had 35,000 streams.

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Was Marcia scheduled to perform? I missed it… or was that because she fell ill ?

Yes she was but clearly not well enough to perform.


On the Good Friday Appeal, Ivana did another rendition of Rihanna’s Diamonds in the afternoon, and also caught up with a couple of top 30 contestants (it is on her Instagram), while Dylan was on the panel earlier tonight.

Ivana with Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern


So it was meant to be that night? I didn’t just miss it?

She was brilliant

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Utter failure for the Australian Idol winner’s single again.


Although this season seemed more well perceived compared to last year (better judges, and some better singers in the top 12), it’s a shame that the Singles Sales aren’t that good.

Before the votes went to 10 person per person in the last two or so episodes, and the voting was unlimited, the judges said that “millions had voted” and “records keep on breakings”. If so… why didn’t these people buy the song?

People don’t buy songs anymore they would stream the song on Spotify or Apple Music. The winner’s song Paper Heart is not that great but it does have over 10k plays on YouTube Music, I prefer Spotify but it does not seem to provide me with that information easily. Angels Brought Me Here was far better and also something probably not helping things is there was no video clip either that I could find on YouTube only Dylan’s performance on the finale.


Oh, i see. Im with you now. Streaming is the place to go now for music. Had a brain freeze before. Lol.

“Angels Brought Me Here” was a great song. It made Guy the star he is now.

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That’s because it’s a terrible song.

Most of the main streaming platforms like Spotify do count towards the charts. All you need to do is go to Dylan’s profile and see his top played songs, it says the number of streams.

They need to choose better songs clearly.

I’ve said this a few times around how Idol is not conducive with music discovery in the 2020s but the Idol winner’s songs also sound nothing like what’s on the charts currently, which for better or worse are heavily influenced by TikTok sounds and trends.

I’ve not watched Idol but this winner’s song sounds like the folky/Of Monster and Men type stuff that was big around 2010-12. Way outdated versus the stuff that charts now.


Courtney Murphy, who came third in 2004, has been diagnosed with late stage bowel cancer, and is in a serious condition. A GoFundMe account has been set up for him and his family.


Marcia has revealed for the first time what led to her collapse in the dressing room before last Sunday week’s grand final show.

I was in my dressing room with my god children and some good friends, and I had my makeup done. I was sitting down, stood up and fell over.

I had a Urinary Tract Infection … a chick thing … yeah.

Marcia was taken by ambulance to Mount Druitt Hospital. She told her doctor that she wanted to go to Monday’s decider but the latter wasn’t comfortable. She successfully pleaded with the doctor that she would return to hospital, after the finale, for more treatment.

Runner up Amy had revealed she was admitted to hospital on the morning of the Idol decider on March 25, with a viral infection.

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