Australian Idol

The Top 12 will feature in Live shows broadcast from Rooty Hill. A Live results show will also feature weekly on Seven.


What studios are in Rooty Hill?

Or are they going for a more Rooty Hill RSL vibe to cater to their 55+ and nursing home audience that watch 7.


It’s filmed at The Colliseum Theatre in Rooty Hill.


Same venue as AGT last year. Looked good on TV IMO (also went in the audience and the chairs were comfy - win, win)


What are Seven admitting about their other singing franchise The Voice - from the first ep of Idol


And I’d disagree… X Factor did okay as did AGT.

On a different note, promo just now said “watch live on 7 and 7+, Monday 7.30”.


Watch “Live” - I suppose that means please watch Seven on Monday at 7.30 and watch any other reality shows you might like on catch up. But otherwise quite deceptive wording.


Won’t be live if it is other than NSW , given daylight savings ?


The auditions are not live anywhere - it is a pre-recorded show.


Yeah I get that they want to push the live TV angle but that won’t be for a few weeks.


Seven probably want people to watch it live at 7.30, instead of watching it on delay without ads? And making the overnight ratings look good, compared to the failure ratings of Big Brother.


Seven reveals Australian Idol sponsors

Optus and Arnott’s Tim Tam take centre stage

The Seven Network today announced Optus and Arnott’s Tim Tam as its major broadcast partners of the all-new series of Australian Idol, which premieres 7.30pm Monday, 30 January on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The sponsorships with Optus, a leading Australian technology and telecommunications business, and Arnott’s Tim Tam, Australia’s most loved chocolate biscuit, have been strategically developed with the agencies UM (Optus) and The Neighbourhood, Publicis Groupe’s bespoke connected agency platform for Arnott’s.

The partnerships include bespoke activation packages, in-program integration, premium commercial assets on Channel 7 and 7plus across metro, regional and digital screens, social support and amplification on Seven’s new channel, 7Bravo.

Creative ideation, executions and on-air sponsorship assets and extensions have been produced by 7RED in partnership with UM, The Neighbourhood, Optus and Arnott’s Tim Tam.

Other key sponsors include Samsung and Universal Pictures Australia.

Using the Optus Living Network, Optus will keep Australian Idol contestants connected with their loved ones during crucial moments, such as following a successful audition or progressing through to the finals.

Arnott’s Tim Tam’s partnership will include unique on-air promotions, indulgent experiences and special giveaways. The Australian Idol sponsorship aims to inspire viewers with exciting new ways to indulge in Arnott’s Tim Tams.

Optus Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Cameron Luby, said: “Australian Idol is the perfect brand alignment for Optus as aspiring singers say YES to the opportunity of pursuing their musical dreams.

“With its extraordinary auditions and uplifting performances, Australian Idol embodies Optus’ spirit of optimism and our active role in reminding Australians that extraordinary opportunities ‘Start with YES’.”

Arnott’s Tim Tam Marketing Manager, Rebecca Chan, said: “Arnott’s Tim Tam is one of Australia’s national icons so who better to be there when a new national superstar is discovered! We are excited to be a part of Australian Idol’s return; the perfect program for Aussies to watch together and enjoy a Tim Tam. What more could you wish for?”

Director of 7RED, Katie Finney, said: “We are delighted to welcome Optus and Arnott’s Tim Tam as major sponsors for the highly anticipated new season of Australian Idol on Channel 7 and 7plus.

“Australian Idol offers our commercial partners a unique opportunity to engage with a multi-generational audience across metro, regional and digital screens in a trusted, brand-safe environment.

“With massive live shows, electrifying performances and guaranteed feel-good moments, there’s no show more exciting than Australian Idol for brands to align with,” she said.


The Footy Show (AFL) was originally scheduled to run for one hour 9.30pm - 10.30pm on Thursday nights. It consistently ran until 11pm or later until eventually several years later the network extended the timeslot.


I was meaning reality shows but yes you’re correct.

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I guess it’s no worse than when all the networks say they’re “streaming live” on their various services … when they just mean they’re relaying what’s on the FTA channels.

Live sport and the odd event are the exceptions.


Got an email for audience tickets.


3 1/2 star rating


Why are they filming on Friday and Saturdays if it’s meant to be live? Something telling me some portions are still going to be pre-recorded.


I’d say that the 3.5 rating is slightly harsh. I certainly think fans of the show will love the return, that is close enough to the original format.

I would have to agree about home town visits for “surprise” auditions. They are not fooling anyone and really should be dropped from future seasons as they appear to be just filler to pad out the very long run time. Next time, more auditions please.

As far as the judges go, Kyle turns out to be a softy. He seemed in many cases to just be a follower and had a very low profile at least in the auditions; there is no mean judge and everyone is too polite. Missing are any of the disagreements between judges that we have seen in previous seasons.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a majority of Australians on the panel. The American accents were quite grating, but otherwise the American judges were far superior in all other ways and saved the show. I’m wondering if Seven are trying to stir up some social media controversy with this aspect of things. It was annoying that the Americans did not know some of the quintessential Australian songs; not sure why did they leave those comments in? And why leave in Harry accidently saying “welcome to American Idol”. Seemed unnecessary.

Otherwise I think the fans will welcome the show’s return. Whether there is enough interest in the very long audition shows with no controversy to carry the audience through to the top 50 we will find out next week.


The dates for recordings seem odd. They suggest that performance shows and results shows won’t always air on Sundays and Mondays respectively. Also there is no filming on the weekend of February 18/19.

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