Australia Day

I don’t think being well known is a prerequisite for AOTY. Did anyone really know Grace Tame before she won the award? Winning gives the winners an opportunity to spread their work throughout the community.

I’d much rather these types of winners than test cricket captain’s or actors like we saw regularly in the past.


The date is an important one in our history and we shouldn’t be diminishing what it was and what it means in our history, but it’s not a day that we should be using to celebrate our nation.

It’s crazy that we have a day to celebrate the great things about this country, yet we put it on a specific date that represents so much pain for many.


Depends on that they are being recognized for. If their ‘influence and strong voice’ is the achievement, then yes, I think being well known is a pre-requisite.

Was there no one from the floods that was worthy of AOTY?

they better not but I am sure Melb Cup Day is next

Do you attend the Melbourne Cup every year? Are you a big gambler? Or are you not old enough?

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As a staunch Victorian I refuse to acknowledge the foundation of the Colony of New South Wales as our “national” day.


You know us New South Wales people, we rule the country :grin:

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NSW was Australia once upon a time, not our fault you lot all seceded :stuck_out_tongue:

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Start up a Parmi/Parma or Potato Scallops/Cakes style culture war and you’ll have everyone outside NSW refusing to celebrate Australia Day on the Foundation Day of New South Wales. :laughing:


Did you nominate someone? Would certainly suit the Local Hero category. If you’re aware of someone worthy, nominate them for next year.

So now she’s won the award, you know a little bit about her and the work she does. Isn’t that a good thing?

It’s not even a holiday in all of Victoria.


Seriously I thought it was.

Nup, just metropolitan Melbourne. Other cities and towns can take their own cup day or show day off instead but otherwise it’s almost business as usual. Quite odd if you’re travelling from Melbourne to regional areas.

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it should be all of the state not just the city suburbs, its like saying for our WA Day that its only for Perth suburbia and that regional/rural areas are excluded from being part of it.

Well it IS Melbourne Cup Day, not Victorian Cup Day.


Do you know what that public holiday is commemorating or celebrating?

More than happy to take Bendigo Cup Day too if that squares the ledger.

No it shouldn’t…, as others towns and cities in Victoria differ. Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, and other smaller towns usually take off their own “cup days” or “show days” in lieu of Melbourne Cup Day.


Wodonga is an example of a city that takes their own cup day over Melbourne Cup (having done so since about 2014), a lot of people there don’t like it though and would prefer Melbourne Cup day.

A nice surprise on Australia Day Live tonight to see Christine Anu open the show with daughter Zipporah Corser singing My Island Home. Her dad is actor Rodger Corser.

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