Australia Day

Nothing but grandstanding from Fletcher with his dog whistle at the ready to continue the culture wars.


Don’t these people have better things to do?


This government is so pathetic and for no reason has decent support, despite the fact they’ve done nothing but undermine the COVID response by the states the entire way through.


Don’t think the release was particularly warranted, but I did read the excerpt quoted above re:different states’ interpretation and they all call it Australia Day. Common sense tells you it is simply how it was written when the legislation was developed in each state/territory that is different.

Disagree with their verdict of the different names being equal (read: interchangeable). A minority still feel the need to grandstand on events from 250 years ago when the world was a very different place. They need to get their priorities right, like trying to fix the indigenous relatively poor living standards.

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Yes, they need white people to tell them what to do, it’s worked so well in the past.

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But this is what they do annually to whip up outrage from the likes of News Corp and other right wing nut jobs.

For the government everything for them is an ideological battle that invariably takes focus off the bigger issues. It’s a a distraction technique that Morrison is famous for. He’s no better than trump.

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Get a grip mate. The higher incarceration rates amongst indigenous people and lesser life expectancies are tangible issues affecting quality of life.

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Some of the posts here are beyond moronic, white people telling black folks to suck up hundreds of years of murder, discrimination, child stealing and police misconduct because it’s “divisive”.


Yeah we know all that sunshine. Haven’t you followed the improvement in the conduct of government agencies & society over the past decades & years?
And it wasn’t just black people either that suffered injustices.
Take a trip to Port Arthur & educate yourself about even how cruel white people were to other white people for the smallest of crimes in our colonial days.
Seams like you like to keep running over the same theme over & over. Many of us have moved on.

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Glad to know white people have moved on from the injustice in which they were the perpetrators, sunshine.

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Absolutely. Totally agree. We should always learn from our past & not repeat the errors of our past. Most of us look back with shame at atrocities that occurred in our past.
I certainly do.

I watched it on live terrestrial TV, part of a segment on Australia Day on Ch7 TV 6pm news.

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Coalition government going real hard with the culture war shit. I’m not looking forward to the next federal election with how aggressive they’ve been in the past week.

Very clear that many government ministers think Sky News After Dark is setting the national agenda.

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Can you stop referring to “white” people and “black” people - dividing by skin colour. We are one country of one people - Australians. The sooner we stop dividing this country into racial segments to better.


No. You’re being divisive by ignoring first nation’s intergenerational trauma.


With all due respect, I am not ignoring. We have come a long way over the past fifty years as a society (although social media appears to have played a key role in fracturing our society’s cohesion in the last couple of years).

But I will not spend the rest of my life (the next 40-50 years, maybe) over something that I had no involvement in, cannot change and will be the same afterwards (the distant past). I am still trying to figure out what their end game with all this is.

If there is a problem, you get it fixed then you move on otherwise there’s an agenda I am not seeing. Life’s too short.

The John Howard defence. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

The problem is that not all Australians feel comfortable celebrating Australia Day on that date, so fix it.


As someone who worked with indeginous communities before I moved to the UK I can tell you first hand that they cannot just get over it especially when rhe system is stacked against them. The inter generational traums of the past of what has happened to our first nations people.

To sit there an be dismissive and say to get over it and move on for them it just doesn’t work like that. For someone like aurora to make comments like that underlines the very problem that Australia has acknowledging and helping indeginous people.

Sorry for spelling I am typing this in bed on my phone.


Justice and equality. You can’t work that out? You nust be living in a bubble.

The only potential other date I can see is January 1 - as 1901 was when we became this nation. Would you be prepared to lose a public holiday out of this?

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