Australia Day

I think those indigenous leaders are going to be in for a rude shock if the “no” campaign is successful because I think nobody will want to get involved in any indigenous issues like treaties and changing the date of Australia Day for a very long time.

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News Corp reports today that 81 local councils across Australia have dumped their traditional citizenship ceremonies on January 26. The number includes 22 councils in Victoria and 18 in NSW.

Clearly it time to just move this day now… it’s just not working anymore.


Oh wow… News Corp running this story early this season. Now they have virtually a full month of culture wars nonsense in their press and on sky news. The general populace wouldn’t give two fucks what day it’s held on. People are happy enough with a public holiday.


You can’t just move a day in history. It happened on this day you can’t just erase that no matter how awful the day is to some of the population.


It was not until 1935 that all Australian states and territories adopted use of the term “Australia Day” to mark the date of the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove, and not until 1994 that 26 January was consistently marked by a public holiday on that day by all states and territories.

So apparently you ‘just can’.

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So why move it? Any day it’s on is going to offend the minority so what’s the point?

The general public don’t care. Just look on Jan 26. Everyone’s out at the park at the beach etc.

If people cared they’d stay home and not “celebrate” out of protest.

It’s just another thing to complain about.

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People are going to enjoy a day off, and so should they. That’s not the discussion, they’d enjoy the same events and fun on a different date too.

Australians would never miss out on a day to have fun and celebrate, nobody is saying that. Just it might be a nice sign of maturity and respect to the indigenous population who are, yes a minority, to move it to a date that doesn’t cause so much distress. I don’t see how that’s asking too much, it’s just basic courtesy and politeness.

You seem to have a lot of those yourself.

And you can never have a conversation or debate without getting personal. Usually when that happens you know you’ve got nothing left to stand on.

If that’s a personal attack to you, you must be a giant snowflake. Grow up. You’re asking indigenous people to get over their genocide and you can’t even take a jibe.

David… you have just described yourself through various conversation on here.

No I’m not saying.

I’m saying you can’t just change history because whether it was good or bad.

No, you can’t. But you can change the date of a public holiday. You’re not making any sense.

Sorry? I never end conversations or debates by getting personal, calling people names or otherwise.

Changing it won’t change anything though. It’ll just become the new day that offends in the indigenous community.

If only we had some sort of Voice that could give the opinion of indigenous people on issues that are relevant to their lives.

We did, we voted, we didn’t want it. As sad and unfortunate as it is, it happened and the majority voted no.

History is littered with stronger tribes or people overtaking weaker ones. We don’t do it so much these days because of progress but it is what it was.

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This was still happening in the 1950’s-70’s and disadvantages continue now. I also wouldn’t say a military trying to off an entire race of people are “tribes” going at it.

I don’t see why moving a holiday is a big deal.