AM and FM DX

Yep, same setup as September and the first big heatwave since then. The ducts may be interrupted by a southerly/easterly change tomorrow afternoon. Then Saturday may see temps well into the 40s in Sydney.


I’m on the Mid North Coast for a couple of nights in Port Macquarie.

Currently passing through Taree and have Sydney FM with RDS here! Haven’t seen that before!

And had Wollongong ABCs with RDS at Nabiac.

And heard Orange ABCs near Bulahdelah.

Coffs ABCs could be received from Nerong.

Quite the duct, this one :grin:


I also had Classic fm Mt Dowe and Triple J Tamworth on the car radio near Castle Hill.

@Radiohead will you still be on the MNC this weekend, with the potential NZ tropo?


Sadly no, returning home on Thursday.

In Port now, and the duct is favouring QLD here. As Sydney and Wollongong are now gone, but heard River94.9 from Ipswich and Southern Downs ABCs on 101.7 and 104.9…

There was something on 97.7, but not sure if Gold Coast or Sydney, as i didn’t have anything else from either of those locations.

And to add to the drive, it was cloudless the whole way and some good tunes were heard too :grin:


Had 102.7 Mt Canobolas at Boambee Headland this morning at 06.45. It was weak and just above the noise level. Nothing on 104.3 except weak 2LM from Kyogle.

Currently at Beacon Hill Coffs Harbour. Newcastle, Gosford, Sydney and Illawarra high powered are in. (12.35)


Good catch to get Illawarra up there!

I had 104.3 SKY Racing Armidale here (along with 101.1, 101.9 and 103.5) but not strong enough to tell if they have RDS - which would be an Armidale first. Don’t recall getting anything on 102.7. Though Armidale to Port is semi-regular here.


A trip up North Bro might be worth it. KIIS 97.3 was received clearly up there on my tropo trip back in September, as well as 94.1 Gold Coast.

Pity you’ll be leaving before it gets really good.

Meanwhile zero tropo around here, hot westerlies most of the week. Canberra and Braidwood may come in for you coasties tomorrow night as an easterly is forecast.

Here is an alternative tropo map that focuses on Aust/NZ and NSW coastal ducting:

Times are in UTC. Tonight looks good for some further coastal ducting. Saturday likely the big day for the MNC with NZ tropo possible.


I mentioned this in the long distance TV thread but tonight’s tropo has allowed me to decode and receive stable Newcastle WIN 10 over SBS 39 Wollongong off the back of my UHF tv antenna. In Stanhope Gardens.

This is a first for me and Newcastle fm reception is not exceptionally strong either.


My highlights from Port Macquarie tonight, using my Tecsun on a 2nd floor north facing balcony near Town Beach.

88.9 2RBR Coraki (fair - able to null out 2RE fairly easily)
89.5 2GF Grafton (okay)
90.1 4ABCRN Gold Coast (very weak)
92.9 2NCR Lismore (weak to fair)
94.5, 95.3, 96.1, 96.9, 98.5 Lismore ABCs (strong)
95.7 4PNN Gold Coast (weak)
97.7 4JJJ Gold Coast (weak)
100.9 2ZZZ Lismore (very good)
104.7 2CLR Grafton (good)

Coffs commercials and community stations enhanced as well.

No Southern Downs ABCs or River94.9 tonight though.

Signals from the south shielded by the building (101.5 2GLA Forster was the best I could do from the south)

@Mechsta - 93.3 2BBB was also very strong, stereo pilot kept cutting out though?

ABC Local notes - 92.3 and 95.5 have now also had their stereo pilots switched off too.
Another surprising note is that the feed on 95.5 was about 3 seconds behind 94.5… 92,3 was in between …. I’m surprised it’s that much of a difference.


Rockhampton at moderate levels in Brisbane tonight.


[quote=“Radiohead, post:8422,topic:229, full:true”]93.3 2BBB was also very strong, stereo pilot kept cutting out though?

I think it’s something to do with the audio processing settings. I’ve told the wire benders about it but they might think I’m crazy, lol. No such problem on the internet stream.

This morning, the tropo is definitely favouring the north with the usual SEQ and Southern Downs suspects in.


Sounds like they might have the 16KHz Low Pass Filter turned off in the processing or it’s not working properly & the mono signal is encroaching too close or going over the 19KHz Stereo Pilot.

Turn off that Low Pass Filter & there’s really nothing with FM stopping the audio going out to the human hearing frequency or past 20KHz, which will blow over the Stereo Pilot on 19KHz.

The furthest I’ve ever been able to push the audio frequency out to is 16580Hz without interfering with the Stereo Pilot, 16.7KHz & beyond will interfere with the 19KHz Stereo Pilot sub-carrier from both sides in the base band, the Mono (L+R) audio & one of the stereo channels.


Yes :+1:
Also sometimes the 19kHz stereo pilot carrier levels might not be set with appropriately with some community FM stations, potentially contributing to the problem, but even then, unless @RFBurns advice is investigated first, the pilot carrier level significance is limited, if the mono basebase signal frequency spectra is extending beyond 16kHz. This is easy to prove technically.

@Mechsta there’s also other tech stuff that the 2BBB techs could or should be addressing & that’s not to use RDS PI code of FFFF (as known for some tuners not to display RDS with this code). And Dynamic PS that they use is a known irritant & distraction.

That said one can only offer advice as you’ve tried to do.

To prove a point re the stereo pilot carrier cutting out, one can easily demonstrate or potentially prove what’s likely happening with a video of the MPX window display of SDR software or the correct tech test equipment for the 93.3 signal & show the 2BBB tech.


Whilst driving in the elevated parts of Neutral Bay (SYD) yesterday noted appearances of 103.9 & 105.5 Eden. Think 104.7 was there too. Noted morning & late arvo, but not strong enough for RDS. 92.7 Bay n Basin, Pulse 94.1 & VOX were quite strong. 92.3 2UUU also noted. 103.5 & 105.1 observed from Bateman’s Bay (but not the commercials), so the tropo was hugging the southern coastal edge in that area.


Currently on a day trip up to Nambucca Heads.

Great DX at Lions Lookout, all Gold Coast stations received including Juice over BBB on 107.3. No RDS though on anything though, did try for the new MMM GOLD to no avail, clear signal on 92.5 too.

Got most Brisbane stations, interestingly 96.5 and 98.1 seemed to be the cleanest. The commercials all there but weaker and some fading. ABCs similar. No RDS on anything there. Didn’t hear 4AAA or 4ZZZ though.

Major audio issues on Hit 105.1 and MMM 106.7 though. The audio sounds like its “jamming” every minute or two, then cuts out for a few seconds and comes back as normal. Haven’t heard anything quite like that before.


Wide Bay at near local levels tonight. That means Rockhampton elevated as well.


Central Queensland now stronger with Gladstone commercials inc 4RK, Yeppoon Miriam Vale etc. Mackay now in stereo 98.7, 99.5 etc


Down here in Port Macquarie, tropo not as good as last night. Lismore still there but weaker. No Gold Coast tonight.


Even I’ve got Wide Bay at local levels here in the western suburbs. 98.5 is classical music instead of Newsradio from Lismore.

100.9 is very clearly Wide Bay, yet 104.7 is Grafton rather than Rockhampton here.

EDIT: Even Zinc 96 is fighting it out with Triple J Lismore. I have never received the former here as the latter is too dominant.

EDIT 2: I was about to say I also had Breeze Tenterfield in, but Rebel Wide Bay on 106.7 is coming in at good levels, so presuming 102.5 is actually there instead.


Tropo is still here and enhanced this morning. Manning River ABCs are clear into Brisbane, as are unsurprisingly the Mt Moombil stations. Wide Bay also still in at good levels too.