AM and FM DX


Looking at the Brisbane, Mt Stapylton radar, lots of echoes at the 512km view, are Mediaspy members finding this is improving DX results?

Today’s update

Looks like Marburg and Gympie radars throwing out the echoes today, is if of any help to anyone? I’m not near to try.


Not sure which is the best thread for this – there have been posts about the topic here and there. Just curious how people’s reception of 2BS on 95.1 MHz into Sydney is like. For me in southern Sydney, it comes in alright in the more elevated areas, but down at sea level it comes and goes as you drive around. At about 130 km distance, 2BS is the most distant station I can reliably pick up on my car radio.


For the record, zero 2BS FM reception in Newcastle

The terrain, and to some extent, the presence of News Radio from Port Stephens, has prevented this thus far. Should be possible with a bit of inland ducting, I get B Rock occasionally.


Exactly the same on my car radio, in the same area.

I noticed 2BS was off air last night (2330)- was this due to a lightning strike? A gnarly complex of storms was heading that way (Katoomba copped another severe storm).


It might be because I am not paying attention but it just feels like all outages in Blue Mountains & Central West is a little unusual. I am not sure how they survive in the wet season up north?


What is also surprising considering the storms across the Blue Mountains yesterday, 2LT and Move Fm Wentworth Falls did not get struck by lightning!!!

Their audio on 99.5 continues to be horrendous since their last repair.
Would anyone listen to this 99.5 considering the sound quality of every other available fm station is better??


Surely the only real use most would have for Move FM 99.5 is as a back-up whenever temporary broadcasts for Sydney are on 107.9?


True, but in their market (Mt Vic-Woodford) they probably are not going to be taking listeners away from other receivable stations that have more superior audio broadcasts.

Last time Move Fm Wentworth Falls went off air it was off air for three days, and they did not know because no one called to advise them. Now it has been fixed it is worse then before.

2LT on 101.1 would get listeners for Ray Hadley etc because it would be easier to receive then 2GB.

Midwest Radio came into the Katoomba market with inferior products, they need to invest the money to bring them up to the same standard as their competitors.


Tasmania bushfire alerts being received on 91.3 from Lileah into Brisbane now plus some other Tasmanian stations as well as Melbourne and some Gippsland stations.


had nice aircraft scatter from Melbourne (Smooth 91.5)


From today’s opening



Some great catches there!


I am getting a fair bit of signal refraction tonight (dropping short), whereby Sydney stations are fading down to mono… Doesn’t happen often though, 3 nights a year maybe?

No tropo otherwise naturally… Though I did have Eagle FM Goulburn in stereo with RDS for a bit.


I frrom canberra.
northen canberra i can get on my radio 5.5Mhz Rock-FM Parkes NSW via
tropcol summer season


I received Rock FM here also. Note the video has been partially blocked by YT & may not be visible to some viewers.



Looks like a name change from Rok FM to: The Rok or “95 Five The Rok” some time ago.

Speaking generally; it’s difficult to figure why YT automation constantly blocks videos with short song segments, hardly copyright infringement I would have thought (especially with static/distortion etc…)


very true, esp given the song clip length is 20secs or less AND given there are whole albums on YT - pick just about any album incl the likes of Taylor Swift & are not blocked!

I was able to edit the video clip within YT without having to re-upload it, thus removing the viewing restriction


I had a video of RNZ Concert blocked recently; the video contained only a short excerpt from a classical work.

It (ostensibly) depends on how the copyright holder chooses to monetise their content. Most rights holders allow their works to be uploaded subject to monetisation through advertising. A few artists are aggressive in protecting their copyright; Don Henley comes to mind, and the late Prince didn’t allow any of his songs on YT while he was alive. But in practice things are more arbitrary.


I can never find anything special on FM. Only the local stations and sometimes Triple M and Hit FM Bendigo.


That was ay typical opening from Tasmania and Victoria on Thursday; started while listening to 94.1 Gold Coast to find it disappear under RN from Launceston. Coast FM on 91.7 also was overpowered by 7NT. Also received were Mixx on 98.7 and JJJ Mt Gambia.