AM and FM DX


I just had JJJ 88.7, ABCFM 89.5 and ABCRR 90.3 from Goulburn reasonably well on the Tecsun, so that’s quite significant. Tropo is fading now as the day heats up to Venusian levels. NZ is all gone.


Tropo should be back again this afternoon, Bom Radar is currently showing the ducts as echoes on the Terrey Hills Radar. They are travelling offshore from Norah Head to Ulladulla. When I checked this morning they were not present.

Hopefully some more NZ reception this evening.


I’m getting the usual Tassie selection here now in Melb. Nothing special for me tonight.


The last night of this tropo event in the Sydney area has so far been unspectacular.

Only some moderate enhancements of the Newcastle Fm stations, Triple M Newcastle only strong enough to decode RDS. Hit 106.9 the strongest of the commercials. New fm in mono and 2NUR just receivable.

No Goulburn, no Middle Brother, and only
slight enhancement of the Wollongong commercials if you could say that.

It looks like the ducts are breaking down with the approaching cool change, with only local tropo reception.

Should be some more ducting mid to late next week with the next heat wave, but no where as good as this event.


Are you getting the south or north?


I’m mainly picking up Burnie area and surprisingly Hobart tonight.


Yes, tonight has been very ordinary.
For me, main Wollongong stations are good, but not good enough to get Pulse, Power or 2ST.
Sydney only a little better than average.

To the north, Middle Brother is good, but nothing else.

I’m still waiting for one like late January last year, which was strong enough to cause the Bouddi
Digital TV repeater to lose Sydney reception at only 36 km away :smile:


The shallowness of the inversion, combined with disturbances relating to the milder change (I refuse to say cool), is probably why tropo is weaker tonight.

Looks like the tropo is better over Bass Strait where the cooler air is obviously deeper. I’ve just booked a couple of nights near Wilsons Prom (Sandy Point) mid February- to escape Sydney’s wretched heat- so hopefully there’s some decent Tassie tropo around then.


Give 87.8 a go.


I’m receiving it semi faintly at 14DBU. It’s playing some type of banger music.


Went to the summit of Mount McKay near Falls Creek yesterday afternoon, at 1849m above sea level it’s a pretty good spot to DX from (not to mention 20 degrees cooler as well!), here are my observations:
88.3 ABC Classic FM (SW Slopes NSW)
88.7 Radio Mansfield/t (Tolmie)
89.1 ABC Radio National (SW Slopes NSW)
89.3 3NE/t (Mt Hotham)
89.7 ABC NewsRadio (Bega/Cooma)
89.9 ABC Riverina (SW Slopes NSW) weak
90.1 Triple M the Border/t (Omeo) RDS: MMM 90.1
90.7 Triple J (SW Slopes NSW) very weak
91.1 ABC Central Victoria (Bendigo)
93.1 Star FM (Wagga)
94.1 Triple M the Border (Falls Creek) RDS: Triple M
94.5 Triple J (Shepparton)
95.1 ABC NewsRadio (Latrobe Valley)
95.3 Triple M Goulburn Valley (Shepparton)
95.5 Sky Racing Radio (Wagga)
96.1 ABC Classic FM (Shepparton)
96.5 Alpine Radio (Mt Beauty)
96.7 Triple J (Latrobe Valley)
96.9 hit96.9 Goulburn Valley (Shepparton)
97.1 ABC Gippsland (Orbost)
97.3 High Country Radio (Omeo)
97.5 Vision Radio Network (Bairnsdale)
97.7 ABC Shepparton
98.1 ABC Local Radio (Eildon)? very weak, may be ABC Radio National Corryong
98.3 Gold Gippsland (Bairnsdale) RDS: GOLD FM
98.7 ABC Radio National (Orbost)
99.1 3NE/t (Mount Buffalo)
99.3 ABC Classic FM (Bega/Cooma)
99.5 TRFM (Sale)
99.7 ABC Radio National (Omeo)
99.9 TRFM/t (Bairnsdale)
100.1 Triple J (Bega/Cooma)
100.7 ABC Gippsland (Latrobe Valley)
100.9 ABC NewsRadio (Upper Murray)/ABC Radio National (Bega/Cooma) changed depending on where aerial was pointed
101.3 OAK FM (Wangaratta)
101.5 ABC Classic FM (Latrobe Valley)
101.7 Vision Australia Radio (Albury)
102.1 Edge FM (Wangaratta) RDS: EDGE FM
102.9 ABC Local Radio (Alexandra)
103.3 Triple J (Upper Murray)
103.5 Either ABC South East NSW or ABC Radio National Swifts Creek, very weak
103.9 Life FM (Sale)
104.1 ABC Classic FM (Upper Murray)
104.5 Sky Racing Radio (Bombala)
104.9 hit104.9 The Border (Albury) RDS: HIT104.9
105.5 REG FM (Bairnsdale)
105.7 Triple M The Border (Albury) RDS: TRIPLE M
106.3 ABC Radio National (Bairnsdale)
106.5 ABC Goulburn Murray (Upper Murray)
107.3 2REM (Albury)
107.9 ABC NewsRadio (Bairnsdale)


No newsradio on 90.9 fm. Maybe too far south.


A very interesting bandscan- thanks for sharing. I’ve yet to make it to either Falls or Hotham. The results are similar to Cabramurra in the Snowies but obviously with more Victorian stations.

I didn’t know that 88.7 Radio Mansfield translator existed!


Three different RDS names for the one station? That inconsistency hurts


As noted in the long distance TV topic, big opening to the north for Brisbane tonight with Wide Bay and Rockhampton strong. Low level signal from MMM Mackay as well.


some tropo enhancement to Griffith this morning


2CA coming into Melbourne stronger and clearer than usual tonight and also Triple M Riverina is also making an appearance tonight on 1152khz. I will do a full list later of what I find, DX conditions tonight are excellent!


What I have found so far:

1152 Riverina Triple M | Strength: 42
1242 Gold Gippsland | Strength: 32
1251 2DU Dubbo | Strength: 26
1323 4BU | Strength: 32
1467 3ML | Strength: 38
1566 3NE | Strength: 32
1548 4QD ABC Capricornia | Strength: 26
981 3HA | Strength: 32


4BU is on 1332.
1323 is Cruise from Adelaide.


Only low levels of enhancement about tonight.

Though have noted Canberra ABCs in listenable mono with a bit of static. Same with ABC South Coast though weaker than Canberra.

Had a bit of brief 91.5 News Radio from the South West Slopes too.