AM and FM DX


I think you mean Power FM.


Sorry, checked agin - it was Mixx FM Swan Hill also on 98.7


That would be the Kerang translator for Mixx FM Swan Hill. :slight_smile:


Looks like tonight could be a very good tonight!

Blue Mountains is being received at record levels, Edge is 47db and Move/2LT are 33db. Never had then that strong before.

And this is VERY weird, whilst I could get 2ST on 102.9 in my null of Triple M Newcastle, I could also hear 2ST on 102.7, though it sounded a bit distorted.

ABC South Coast are good (25db) and ABC Canberra and South East are also being received, though weak.


Nothing special tonight at my location in NW Sydney, slight to moderate enhancement of the Newcastle Fm stations but not enough to decode RDS on Triple M Newcastle yet.

Move Fm Lithgow, and 2BS Fm also enhanced for me too.
However Orange nationals weaker then normal which is a bit strange considering Lithgow / Bathurst enhancements.

Wentworth Falls is direct line of sight for me so Move / 2LT are always at the same levels Tropo or flat. However I no longer receive them as strong as I previously did since I rotated by Omni fm antenna to get better tropo from the north.


It’s fizzled out for me somewhat in the last couple of hours now.


It is starting to ramp up a bit for me now.
Newcastle about the same, but now some more inland tropo signals coming in.
ABC Classic Fm Middle Brother fighting it out with Kandos /Rylstone community radio. Faint Triple J Central West Slopes on 102.3.


Looking at the forecast for Hamilton NZ, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some NZ tropo develop later this week.

A run of 33,30,30 for Tues-Thurs which is extremely toasty for that part of the world. Conditions this side of the Tasman will of course be just as warm if not warmer.


Strong central Queensland signals tonight.


Receiving 1152 Triple M Riverina and the same thing on 963khz but louder?


Probably Triple M Griffith or Mount Gambier.


Both of them identify as Triple M Riverina

Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

Ah, that would be Griffith, which is not far from 1152 based in Wagga Wagga.




According to the Hepburn forecast Chart Tuesday into Wednesday looks to be best for NZ tropo.


In reference to last night I’m trying 963khz again so I can confirm. I can confirm there are 2 different Triple M frequencies I can pick up on this frequency, The strongest one is Griffith but the second one is Triple M Mount Gambier as speculated.


The Chinese New Year broadcast in Sydney on 91.6 has commenced. No More reception from Northland on the frequency for the time being (though tropo has yet to materialise this week).


Receiving 540 7SD Tasmania into Melbourne today with strong signal.


That’s not to good, generally 91.6 is the only NZ I can get well with tropo… 91.8 only just fades up at best.


Electrical interference caused by thunderstorms is making my AM dxing quite hard at the moment. All I hear on any frequency is ckkkhkhkhkhkhkhzhkhh :laughing: