AM and FM DX


91.6 More Fm Northland, back in again but again very weak.

I have got an interesting catch that I cannot identify on 103.4 It sounds like they are speaking French with island accents. It quite strong under the splatter of Hope 103.2


Could it be that 2VOX may be interfering enough to prevent RDS (moreso than 2ST is with Triple M).


Niu FM Hamilton. It runs Polynesian language programming at night.


Thank you for helping me ID it.


Sydney is really strong tonight, Wollongong isn’t as strong as it has been on previous nights.

Am getting Coffs Harbour ABCs, but no Port Macquarie commercials… Middle Brother ABC’s not really that strong (a bit better than average though).


I am getting that now too.


Just got News Talk ZB on 89.4.

Must have been an E as it disappeared very quickly.


A couple of firsts for me tonight:

*97.3FM being a mix of ABC Local Radio Illawarra & Radio Yesteryear from Lake Macquarie
*A weak Port Stephens FM on 100.9, in a null of 2BACR in their own licence area! :open_mouth:

UPDATE: Add 2HD (Port Stephens translator) 97.5 to the list!


103.4 coming in strong again with French language I have checked the Maifm. Stream and it is not that station.


I am getting the opposite (though I am not in the Port Stephens FM licence area).

Though I did manage to get 2SSR in my Rhema FM null again).

Great catch though!


I don’t think there’s anything from New Caledonia on 103.4 (but I’ll follow this up). Also I think Mai FM Hamilton may run seperate programming to Auckland at times (Auckland is probably the default web stream).

NZ (Auckland, Hamilton) still romping in here. It’s likely to continue until tomorrow evening at least. More heat on the way next week too.


91.6 More Fm Norhland blasting in really strong now in stereo, I also briefly had 91.8 More Fm Auckland but it was very weak.


If anyone is interested have a look at the Terrey Hills BOM radar you can see the tropo ducts off the coast of Sydney going from Newcastle to Port Kembla. The radar is showing it as moderate to heavy rainfall.
They have been present all day and the people on the weatherzone forum have been talking about them.

With these ducts I wonder how many people in Wollongong and Newcastle have Tv reception?


Not me.

Only with rabbit ears for Sydney TV.


A couple more from yesterday:

Tropo has slackened off now with only weak 91.6 left. A small southerly change overnight may have disturbed the duct.


I can confirm on my commute today, this time towards the northern beaches and its news radio cutting in but SWR was the winner. Maybe if it was news radio on the central coast on 99.9 it would win.


Getting NewsRadio Goulburn around the Northern Beaches is no mean feat; even Eagle FM struggles in that part of the world. Around Lake Macquarie seems to be better for SW reception (as Donkey Kong can attest).


Yes, 99.9 is usually SWR for me, areas that have a better LOS to the north and north west than me can get Triple J Upper Namoi or Rhema Port Macquarie, but I’ve never had News Radio Goulburn over SWR. SWR can be quite strong here, I had it at 35-40 db on the Tecsun a few times lately.

Though I have been able to receive the other Goulburn ABCs as they are on clearer frequencies (I’ve only had 88.7 Triple J once however).


91.6 Was gone by 10:30pm last night and was not receivable this morning at 5:30am. Inland tropo of Orange and Goulburn was quite strong then.


Its was around Terry Hill/Belrose along Forest way in the car so not quite the northern beaches :smile:. But it was fighting SWR all the way. Like yesterday any spots SWR went a little weak towards Liverpool it was fighting SWR but could not stop the car to really identify it. Today I was lucky at the traffic lights got the audio and could identify it.