AM and FM DX


NZ tropo is in! Getting Palmerston North on 89.0 and 90.6. Also More FM Wanganui on 92.8 (splattering on 92.7!)


Am receiving what appears to be a Kiwi station on 91.5 IDing as MIX.

Playing a lot of 80s Top 40 songs.


That would be Greymouth- congrats. No sign of Greymouth or Westport here. Signal on 89.0 Concert is stable so I think it’s all tropo (rather than Es).


Yes, the 91.5 signal for me is pretty stable.


All of those ones you have are blocked for me by signals from the Sydney region.


Getting 103.4 Hamilton at massive levels this morning.

Edit: YouTube blocked my 89.0 Palmerston North video. Not sure why as it was just a classical piece.


Something was fighting with SWR in the cherrybrook area, did not have time to try to narrow it down.


Possibly 99.9 Rhema Port Mac? Signals to the north are extremely strong also.


Mo’ tropo:


Yeah it might be. I drove to Liverpool this morning so SWR was too strong. There were traces around (maybe Rhema) in Carlingford in parts, to the south of the transmitter on Elizabeth drive a trace but not good enough to know for sure. Where I work from time to time even though pretty close, id say half the distance Blacktown is to the transmitter (but to the south), SWR is only average but you can still listen outside. The magic of directional transmitters. :blush:


It might have been NewsRadio Goulburn then given that you had it at the Elizabeth Drive/M7 interchange (excellent to the south). I’ve had this before when SWR has been off. Eagle FM was enhanced this morning also.


Just had a work break near home so went in to check the radio-

91.6 More Fm Northlands NZ was receivable but very weak. It may have been stronger earlier this morning. It had some splatter from Triple J Mt Moombil on 91.5

Could not receive any of the other Nz’s that were received this morning as local stations were to strong,

All Tamworth nationals were in except Trople J as it was masked by News Radio from Middle Brother.

Middle Brother close to local strength. Triple J was over the top of Coast Fm.

The usual Newcastle commercial fm and Eagle Fm enhancements.

Hopefully tonight is as good as this morning.



hit102.3 and MMM 106.7 Kempsey strong at the moment with ABC from Coffs and Middle Brother very strong.


I got those earlier this morning at my home near Campbelltown, so it appears that it’s receivable in both Sydney & Brisbane within a short time space.


Noumea was in again for about 30 minutes this morning.

With reception possible in Australia of the New Cal stations that are 2-5 kw, I wonder how some of the powerful Australian ones are received there.


Love it when Mowbullan signals are off.

Coverage is still poor across their licence area on the weekend.

As we read in ACMA submissions, the national multiplex is up to its final setting of 18.5kW. The commercials remain on the trial allocation at ERP 3.2kW, when they commission their new TX, it will be close to 20kW on the new allocation.

Tropo for Syd, CentralCoast, Edge evident on Tue night into Wed morning until 10am in Mt Fairy between Tarago and Bungendore. No Young or Wagga or Ulandra services.

Kiama lighthouse car park 6pm Tues, where better to take a work call, PS FM Port Stephens in strong, differing radiation pattern to the 250w services fro Gan Gan. Appeared on RDS list along with all Central Coast services bar 949, 965, 981. Batemans Bay, Bega evident too. That’s all I checked for.

The co channeled services north and south of Syd must be reallocated, it is a laughing stock for 94.9 Nowra to be swamped by Central Coast atop Bulli Pass and further south.

Unsurprisingly, KO has the worst coverage in market, them and NX constantly missing from the RDS list.

2ST still not set up right for clear spoken word broadcasting on 102.9. 91.7 an improvement but not great.

Try the archive website that has been mentioned for tv videos?

Next location for the Mediaspy media sub forum package deal holiday? We can sell it like the talkback blokes flog their own guided tours, @TV.Cynic can be the tour guide.


Venue TBA - but must be elevated location overlooking the Pacific.


The station formally known as KO and Hit 106.9 are the best for permanent reception at my location. Triple M Newcastle can be received with RDS with only moderate tropo. I have not yet got RDS to decide yet on Hit 106.9 even with local signal with extreme tropo.

Can some one please fix this??


Unlikely, have you read the Jan 2019 Radio and TV broadcasting stations publication? They’re listed as 8kW.