AM and FM DX


One downside of the strong Sydney ducting (which is still going) is that they are causing some splatter on adjacent frequencies that are usually DX-able

101.9 is more WSFM (than even Triple J Newcastle)
103.9 is more 2DAY (than 2NUR Newcastle)
106.3 and 106.7 are both more KIIS splatter.


Was some very weak & fleeting NZ FM DX from 0830 - 1030LT
Areas in were: Nelson, Invercargill, Auckland, Hamilton, Greymouth & I suspect 91.7 Wellington.
Highest frequency received briefly was 105.4 Coast - Auckland.
20 stations heard.

As was reported here recently 91.5 Greymouth is The Hits (ex the Sound). But what is carried on 93.1 from Greymouth? This was ‘The Hits’ when 91.5 was carrying The Sound.


Not overly familiar with the NZ market: is it usual for frequencies to flip from one owner (in this case, MediaWorks) to another (NZME)?


It’s actually Mix.

It probably still is The Hits, with 93.1 the frequency for its Hokitika service.


Thanks. For that clarification & link. I only heard what I thought was: “The Coast’s Greatest Hits”, as part of an ID on 91.5MHz.

It probably still is The Hits, with 93.1 the frequency for its Hokitika service.

Thanks. Was a lot of freq changes some time back & stations flip & change freq & service & txers all time in NZ.
Not easy keeping up. :slight_smile:


Conditions are pretty much back to normal now.
That Sydney duct lasted 5-6 days.

Am getting brief and weak ABC South Coast and Canberra signals, fading in and out quickly, which suggests that conditions are also a bit unstable.


Some catches from New Zealand today. DXing from the top of a car park at Blacktown
(First Time getting NZ stations :smile: )
89.4: Newstalk ZB
91.8: More FM
92.6: RNZ Concert
93.2: ? NZ
93.4: The Breeze
94.2: The Edge
All from Auckland as it seems.


That would be Radio Hauraki from Northland (a region north of Auckland).

As for me at my home near Campbelltown, no luck when I checked, even though my rotatable antenna is aiming towards NZ.

Update: I’m starting to get a bit of 91.8 More FM, as well as 93.4 The Breeze, from Auckland.


Ah yes that be right cause I heard an ad before they faded out saying “Northland”.


Just 5 NZ stations for me this time briefly around 12.40pm. Auckland & Hamilton.

Update: 25mins ago Ionogram Viewer for Perth was still showing SpE overhead.


Wollongong FM absolutely belting in right now, Triple J at 55db, Wave and i98 not far behind at 52db. Even Power is coming in over the top of Rhema at 37db.

Moderate ABC South Coast FM with Classic 101.9 at 14db.

Sydney only average strength today.


Receiving 2NUR & 2GLA atm.
Seams unusual receiving such localised tropo at this strength at this time in the afternoon.


Red FM Port Hedland into the Wagga region yesterday:

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that FM from northern WA has been received in SE Australia. We often hear the VK6RSX (Dampier) amateur radio beacon at Cooma; 91.7 has been monitored on such occasions but has yet to be received.


That’s a great catch!

Must be close to an Australian record for the most distant FM catch?


@dxer2_2000 has the Australian record- Davao City, Philippines:


Thanks, though I did mean of an Australian station within Australia.


Is some weak Auckland FM DX about for eastern Australia now.


dxnerd, Is that a DEVA Broadcast DB3010? If so I’d be interested in your experience with it?


You’d have to contact Leigh VK2KRR as it’s his reception and receiver. I was wondering what the model was as well. Judging by the DEVA website, I think it is a DB3010.

Leigh is an advanced ham radio operator so may have contacts in broadcast engineering that could have procured the receiver, not sure.


Some quite strong skip happening at my location in NW Sydney.
Sitting in the car park at Stanhope Gardens shops 93.9 Classic Fm Hobart is almost as strong as 92.9 Sydney with minimial fade.
Also receiving 91.7 NE Tasmania ABC Local. 92.5 News Radio NE Tasmania,
93.3 Classic Fm NE Tasmania, 94.1 Radio National NE Tasmania. Hit 100.9 Hobart really strong.