AM and FM DX


I didn’t catch Tassie after being out :frowning:
But noted very strong, but brief & distorted Bathurst enhancement of 95.1 & 100.9. Must be backscatter Es
from the Es ionisation over Canberra at the moment. Some fleeting Auckland FM DX still about.


I think I caught a bit of the Tasmanian E Skip into Sydney, but it was weak on my end. Obviously no Hit 100.9 in this location due to 2BACR! :slight_smile:

On thr tropo side of things, aside from the ABCs I’m personally hoping to receive the Mid North Coast SCA stations (100.7 Triple M and/or 102.3 Hit FM) at least once this Summer! Some Taree reception would be good too but it’d have to be an extremely strong opening to overpower the Sydney stations on those frequencies, I think.


I had some brief skip of 91.8 More Fm Auckland around 4:30pm AEDT on the Digitech Dab+/ Fm tuner, through the Omni fm antenna. Faded up to stereo a few times then was gone.

I also have tropo going on at the same time with enhancements of Newcastle Fm including commercials, and Middle Brother. 2BS Is also enhanced and is clear of splatter from smooth. Not in stereo though, have they turned on the stereo pilot yet?

I had Hit 102.3 Port Macquarie on the car radio but it was very weak.

With all the heat centred over NSW the Hepburn charts have intense tropo off the NSW Coast with predictions of extreme by Saturday. This may allow NZ tropo into coastal areas of Syd, New, Wol, if not currently being received.

I wonder how many people in Newcastle / Wollongong will loose tv reception?


Yes. 2BS 95.1 Stereo pilot is on, but not sure when that happened. First noted today, but may have been on from recent days.
92.3 2MCE reception also noted earlier

Had Auckland 89.4, 92.6 & 93.4 around 4.50pm.


I have already lost it on the outdoor antenna.

So I am watching TV via rabbit ears (from the Central Coast as Sydney is a bit volatile this evening). Central Coast is also a bit better than the Belmont North / Warners Bay sites and I get the Sydney relays from there too


My Wollongong Tv reception is still
Hanging in, 100% signal but the quality is bouncing around so there is some interference from Newcastle but not enough at this stage to kill the signal.


Gone now


Some rare catches for me tonight

88.7 Vintage FM.from western Sydney
89.5 ABC Classic from Goulburn

And a first for me

100.7 KIX Country from Goulburn

ABC stations from Bega, Batemans Bay, Coffs Harbour, Canberra all received and even faint 102.7 ABC Classic from Orange, which is a hard get here in Newcastle.

Wollongong very strong, Sydney majors are variable though the community stations are quite good, particularly from the western suburbs and Blue Mountains.


For me, at present Newcastle is very strong, Hit 106.9 and 102.9 Triple near local strength. All RDS stations except Hit 106.9 decoding RDS eventough Hit 106.9 is the strongest of the Newie commercials. Can someone adjust the RDS settings please?

Middle Brother now strong enough for Triple J to overpower Coast Fm.

Eagle fm received with a weak hissy stereo signal. But my LOS to the south west is not very good.
No Port Macquarie or Mount Moombil at this stage.


Intense Tropo from the south now.
Eagle fm now at local strength first time ever.
103.5 ABC Local Radio Batemans Bay, first time catch
101.9 ABC Classic Fm Batemans Bay, normally Triple J Orange.
94.9 Power fm in stereo with no interference from Rhema CC

91.5 Triple J Mt Moombil now faint.


Also got 2WYR 92.5 Moss Vale - not often received here due to ABC Local Radio Gosford.

Stations are now in general starting to fade - Bega has gone, Canberra is weaker ( also managed to get RDS on Hit 104.7 and Mix 106.3 but interestingly not on the ABC stations).


Canberra in here now on 103.9, 102.3 is a battle between Triple J / Classic Fm Canberra and Hit 102.3 Port Macquarie.

All Mount Moombil in now at good strength.

Something very faint on 91.8 cannot Id just fades above noise floor possible tropo of 91.8 More Fm Auckland. If this is the case I would have received it today by eskip and tropo.
Any Canberra Dab+ into Newcastle?


Nice logs guys.

I heard 103.5 Batemans Bay at levels I’ve never received previously.
Also welcomed 2CR 94.1 Portland/Wallerawang to the dial, over powering the two community
stations of 2LIV & 2CCM. Have not heard 2CR for a very long time.
Hit 104.7 and Mix 106.3 Canberra were at surprising levels against the ABCers.
Forgot to check for the low powered Goulburn stations… [Update: 90.3 2ABCRR heard at 11.10pm]
ABC Mt.Moombil here again.

During the middle of the day received brief SA Es from Loxton, Tumby Bay, Adelaide & Port Lincoln.
Also presumed 92.3 5SBSFM Angaston ?

Less than a day of significant tropo left for a while according to Hepburn Maps.
Has been a nice long run.


It has!
Pretty much since Boxing Day.


Oh wow, is it on?

I got onto the local council not having the 5DN FM translator on a couple of visits ago, they admitted they’re not experienced translator operators. How hard it is it really!


I noticed this morning that 2BS has already switched off 1503. Was just receiving 3KND on its own.


I could be wrong. There is another 5SBS outlet on 92.3FM Roxby Downs, but none of their other outlets heard. I also tried for the other Angaston outlets but none heard also. Was an odd SA Es event only heard 92.7 Fresh FM from Adelaide, only one brief intense 93.9 reception of 5PNN Loxton etc etc
Was foreign lang in Stereo. Wasn’t 2MCE. Unlisted 5SBS ACMA station? One never can be sure.

I wonder if anyone in the region could confirm if 5SBS Anganston is on air (stereo). I highlight stereo as some SBS outlets are mono (no stereo carrier). Bit of a mixed bag out there…

Not surprising the council’s feedback to you… Have wondered about such things.


Northern Tasmania booming into Melbourne yesterday. Could even hear Chilli and LAFM from Launceston, which is unusual given their ERPs.

And no problems hearing them while driving around among the buildings in the CBD.


I think 5SBS Roxby Downs is just a carrier atm- the carrier was received the other day coincident with 100.3 Magic Roxby Downs+Coober Pedy FM. Magic 100.3 has RDS too btw.


Strong tropo echoes off the Sydney coast from the BOM radars atm- tonight could see some intense tropo. I’ve been checking the likely NZ frequencies but nothing yet. Not sure if any 144 MHz (2m) amateur contacts have been made.