AM and FM DX


Very strong Sydney signals into Charlestown tonight. WS FM hit a high of 55db, which I think might be record for me for that station (but still trails my Sydney record of 60db on Triple M a couple of years ago).

Strong Sydney community stations also with a new RDS catch of 2NBC

Good signals from Wollongong and Jervis Bay regions,with 91.7 2ST with RDS and 92.7 2BAB both received. But Power FM is struggling to break through Rhema, and Pulse likewise against Today’s Country 94.1.


Nice RDS catch with 2NBC.
Pleased my earlier report/prediction materialised.
My earlier reception of 106.9 2XXX now shifted southward resulting in good 2VOX FM reception with RDS.
Wave FM RDS now decoding perfectly.
Nice noise free reception of 106.1 ABC Classic FM Newcastle.


I am able to get kofm oops i mean triple m over 2st Bowral.


It seems like it is a shared frequency because as soon as it turns 12:00pm It broadcasts in Chinese then goes back to Radio Nostalgia at around 3:30pm


I’ve dug more into the JLS Media site for Radio Nostalgia and found an Icecast server which leads to the URL for which seems to be registered to someone named Julius for a company called STUDENT NEWS PTY LTD. Also the JLS site is registered to "Rex Santana-Beswick " who I’m pretty sure is broadcasting from Collingwood.


Getting 90.9 7JJJ, 91.7 7NT and 92.5 7PNN into Melbourne’s north west this afternoon.

Also receiving 99.5 3TFM, 100.7 3GLR, 101.5 3ABCFM and 103.9 3GCB from the Latrobe Valley. 3GLR is a noticeable inclusion in place of 3CH Kyneton


All 5 ABC’s from Middle Brother have been receivable in Brisbane for a few hours at low to medium levels. Also received on car radio.


NZ FM DX now happening 1340 AEDST. Mt. TeAroha (Hamilton) 91.4 & 103.4MHz.

I wonder if this might actually be atmospheric ducting propagation given that these are the only stations
being received & are weak & stable & given the power & elevation of these transmissions.
The Hepburn maps suggest this is probable at the moment & for several hours for the northern part of North Island.


I can confirm as I’m also recieving ABC gippsland in place of Highlands FM.


755 7BU is coming into Melb extremely strong today


I know Sydney reception is at its best for me when I can receive the very hard to get 2BACR Bankstown (100.9).

Which just happens to be right now!


Awesome! Just arrived home, am getting 2XXX 106.9 over the top of VOX-FM atm, though reception of Newcastle isn’t as strong as yesterday at the moment.

2BACR is weakish here. Often receive Sky Sp Radio - Bathurst over the top of it.
89.3 2GLF is a weak station here.

91.4 Concert FM Hamilton , NZ is back in again now, so keep eye on that one.


97.5 2HD into Sydney now. 200W


Big Pond ducting:
92.6 Concert FM, 93.4 The Breeze, 94.2 The Edge, 100.6 Radio Live, 101.4 RNZ National - Auckland now in.
Also maybe 92.4 TAB Trackside Radio - Kaitaia (too weak to ID), 91.0 Auckland - too weak.


Look forward to reports of the Lake Mac 2HD FM translator being received in Syd. Has anyone received it this DX’ing season?


The Sydney duct is really strong right now.
Throwing up some intriguing results

2SWR 99.9 at a record 39db for me.
2RES 89.7 at a record 36db.
2NBC 90.1 at.30db.
But the Sydney wide 2SER 107.3 is only 18db.
Even 2WOW 100.7 usually a weak station here is also 18db.
Go figure.

Got a NZ station too.
Newstalk ZB on 89.5


Am now also getting Coffs Harbour ABC stations, despite my obscured line of sight to the north.

Also Triple M 100.7 (in a null of 2WOW) and Hit 102.3 Port Macquarie.


Middle Brother still coming in tonight. Also Breeze Tenterfield, Sky Armidale + 2GF Maclean and 104.7 Grafton.

Zinc 96.1 off air at the moment allow clear reception of JJJ Mt Nardi for a change.



The strong Sydney duct has allowed me to find a null in which I could receive 2SSR Sutherland instead of the local Rhema 99.7! (Heard them play “A Horse With No Name” by America).

I’m sure 2SSR would love to hear that as I’m sure they’ve had numerous complaints at their end about the opposite.

This marks the first time I’ve been able to receive ALL Sydney community radio stations (other than the Vintage FM HPON on 88.7)


Hit 102.3 Port Macquarie.

And from the opposite direction hit107.9 Rockhampton.