AM and FM DX


My Girlfriend bought me this bad boy for Christmas so expect me to get back into the DXing game very soon.


I confirmed the WA stations by listening to the ABC Live Streams for the region and it matched. I also used to confirm. Also the 1098 one was playing Triple M Idents. I’ll see what else I can find tonight. I’m hoping for something other than ABC next time.


558 7BU Coming into Melb extremely clear this afternoon.


How’s the load test going at your end?

All SCA and ARN stations plus Hope are 40+ db and all are sounding good, would be good if it could stay like this.


Magic FM 93.1 Berri, SA has RDS switched on.

Get a some proof down to the station and the engineer will send something good.

Radio Data System (RDS)


That’s probably more to do with weather though, than the antenna change test, because Hope 103.2 was only changed on Tuesday mid afternoon, prior to that, it was the same as it always has been transmit wise.


It’s going well, there hasn’t been any issues found or reported so far.

I’m on holidays for a couple of weeks now, & Hope 103.2 is still on the main FM antenna.

I can’t guarantee how long ARN & SCA will stay at Artarmon now though, essentially the test’s complete, they can go to Gore Hill whenever they like now?


Why do SCA like Gore Hill so much? I would have thaught that Artarmon would have been better for them, equal or slightly higher site. Main fm antenna 170m.
I understand that their antenna is lower down on the Gore Hill tower then Nova / smooth fm.

Can anyone confirm if FBI is at 150KW from Gore Hill. It is the weakest of all the high powered services. ACMA states that the antenna height is only 74m so this could be the reason why it is much weaker at my location.

Random Radio

In my experience over the last few years, it’s ARN that operates from Gore Hill more than SCA does.

But yeah I dunno why Gore Hill … maybe it’s cheaper than Artarmon ???

And also from what @rfburns has said, the input antenna limits the power that SCA and ARN can operate on there, but this doesn’t affect Nova or Smooth.


Some tropospheric enhancement in Sydney directed out west this morning.
Reception of: 92.3, 98.3, 100.1 & 100.9 Bathurst.
Managed to pull in RDS from Life FM 100.1 for the first time.
Goulburn: 94.3 Sky Sports Radio. RDS from Eagle FM.
Also 92.7 Zoo FM Dubbo with some improved reception of Orange stations.


There’s some intense SpE ionisation happening over Darwin at this very moment.
Whether there’s any other SpE clouds around to enable double hop dx to the southern states remains to be
seen or heard. No SpE catches noted.


Would the SpE ionisation over Darwin be better received in East Timor, Indonesia or PNG?


Elsewhere yes. Ideally (with single skip) you want the cloud to be mid point between RX & TX.
So that SpE activity location might have benefited dxers in say Alice Springs or Sorong, Indonesia guessing without accurate measurements.
I note some lightning activity east of Darwin. Maybe sprites (from lightning) charging the ionosphere?
Looking at; SWS Ionogram Viewer @ 0955UT looked very impressive.


Two stations are broadcasting on 1629khz in Melbourne at the same time right now. One is playing pop music where another is playing Christmas Music.


You should only be receiving ACR 1629 (Chinese language & songs usually) in Melbourne.
Maybe you have spurious signal overload in receiver?
Maybe worth investigating further… :slight_smile:


Beginnings of enhanced Newcastle/Sydney reception happening now.


An assumed pirate was broadcasting on 1629 with what identifies as “Radio Nostalgia”. I did some research and Radio Nostalgia (JLS Media Group?) Seem to currently hold the licence to broadcast on that frequency.


You could try to do some directing finding from two or more locations with a loop antenna to try & track down ‘Radio Nostalgia’ location with help of Google Earth etc. JLS Media Group (many names) is the licence owner of the Williamstown licence that is leased by ACR 1629. To the best of my knowledge JLS Media Group only leases radio licences, without actually operating any stations themselves.


Correct, Joe Satana is the bloke.


I stand corrected.
Looked at Joe’s NEW website.
The online station ID’s as ‘Radio Nostalgia’.
We just need to pinpoint the transmitter location/licence number now.
Nice work DJ_Cazzah :smiley: