AM and FM DX


Yep, I was getting 91.5 Mix from Greymouth,

That used to be The Sound. Looks like they’ve been kicked out of the Greymouth region entirely.

I was hearing fleeting few second pieces on 91.5.
Indeed was The Sound in January 2018.
I can’t pull an ID out, but TV-Expert’s logging & two other references now show 91.5 as MIX from Greymouth.

Seams to be difficult keeping up with West Coast FM outlet changes…

NZ has faded away now.


Good to know.

Do you get any Mildura stations there at all?

I have long suspected so, as I’ve noticed there are no stations with 0.4 mhz of each other between the two towns ie. 102.1 in Swan Hill, and then 102.7 in Mildura , 103.7 and 104.3 respectively etc.


Not really i have always struggled to get Mildura.


:smiley: My first ever E-skip catch was from nearby Tallygaroopna in 2001: 4MK on 101.9, followed by Sea FM Townsville on 100.7. With 101.9 I was actually trying to receive Fox FM Melbourne when I heard the 4MK ID and thought ‘WTF’?! I didn’t know at the time that FM Es was possible.


My new radio just arrived! XHData D-808! It seems like an excellent radio for the price! $85 free shipping from Amazon. The only problem I found is that the maximum MW frequency is 1620khz and the station I want to listen to is 1629khz! Might I be able to pick it up on the lower end of SW?


The reception of Hope 103.2 is weaker here in the Albion Park area. I used to be able to receive the station quite clearly and the station even had RDS on my car radio, but it hasn’t been the case over the past week or so.


According to the specs it looks like if you change the AM frequency step to 10 kHz it tunes up to 1710 on MW. You could then tune to 1630.

SW starts at 1711.


Hi DJpower - I receive the ABCs from Swan Hill regularly here via aircraft scatter (530km air distance) at strong levels. Only once did I ever receive 107.7 3SHI via tropo.


2GO have been off air for an hour so far tonight.

I wonder if this could open some 107.7 DX opportunities? Triple J Brisbane?


Thanks for that, I’ve found the setting but I can’t seem to work out how to activate it, pressing the button does nothing and the manual doesn’t say how to activate it. Also the LCD display has a setting for DAB which the manual does not state about either. I might just have to keep playing around with it.


Is there any text above the “0” button?


Yep, it says 9/10khz same as the manual, but when i press it it does nothing. I’ve tried double pressing it and pressing it on it’s own with no luck.


Try pressing and hold for 2 seconds with the radio off.


Thanks Mate you’re a legend it worked!


Great - at least it seems each to switch between 9 and 10 kHz - many models would make that a lot harder.


Well I’m used to the Tecsun PL-606 but I wanted something with air band so i read a few reviews and decided on this beast. I’m still yet to find if it can achieve DAB like it states on the LCD screen, Some people on Youtube claim they have done it but I’m still yet to work it out. I’ll just have a play around with it and see what I can get this thing to do.


Not for me… The NEW FM “spur” is now noticeable for me (thankfully totally blocked by 2GO in normal conditions) with Triple M Newcastle mixing underneath.

All other Central Coast stations still on air.

EDIT: Complete with RDS!


AM DX Report from Melbourne with my new XHDATA D-808!

Time: 10:00 pm - 10:30 pm

540 7SD | Strength: 39
558 7BU | Strength: 32
576 ABC RN Sydney | Strength: 38
585 ABC News Radio Perth | Strength: 32
594 ABC Radio Western Victoria | Strength: 38
603 ABC Port Hedland | Strength: 35
612 ABC Radio Brisbane | Strength: 60
621 ABC RN Melbourne | Strength: 82
630 ABC NewsRadio Sydney | Strength: 53
639 Unknown | Strength: 38
648 ABC Radio Esperance | Strength: 34
657 ABC Radio Western Plains | Strength: 43
666 ABC Radio Canberra | Strength: 35
675 ABC Radio Corowa | Strength: 35
684 ABC Radio Bunbury | Strength: 31
693 3AW Melbourne | Strength: 70
702 ABC Radio Sydney | Strength: 45
711 ABC Radio Roma/St George | Strength: 30
720 ABC Radio Perth | Strength: 29
729 ABC RN Adelaide | Strength: 49
738 ABC Radio Grafton | Strength: 34
747 ABC NewsRadio Hobart | Strength: 34
756 ABC RN Wangaratta | Strength: 38
765 2EC Bega | Strength: 43
774 ABC Radio Melbourne | Strength: 86
891 ABC Radio Adelaide | Strength: 55
918 2XL Cooma | Strength: 45
1053 2CA | Strength: 38
1080 Radio TAB Hobart | Strength: 45
1089 3WM Horsham | Strength: 25
1098 Triple M Central Wheatbelt | Strength: 25
1107 SBS Radio Sydney | Strength: 39


Just noticed that 2GO 107.7MHz isn’t injecting RDS data into their transmission today.
Must be related to the earlier transmission problem…


Did you confirm the WA stations? 684 usually has 2KP Kempsey (ABC Local Radio) on the east coast. 585 is usually a mix of 7RN Hobart and 2WEB Bourke- more likely 7RN down in Melbourne. There are no other MMM stations on 1098 but there is 4LG Longreach.