AM and FM DX


No difference in reception at my location at Stanhope Gardens. Very strong signal on Digitech Dab+ fm tuner through fm Omni antenna.

3 bars out of 5 on Pure Move Dab+ fm portable with headphone cord as antenna. Same strength as before when at full power. No intermodulation.

What are the specs of the test on the main Fm antenna? I understand you would not be going out at 50kw / 25kw directional.


What time on Friday? I plan to drive from the Blue Mountains- Cooma via Oberon and Taralga on Friday. Much of that road is marginal for Sydney FM but I guess I can only compare it to the other beasties like 2DAY. I find that Hope 103.2 is one of the best from the Far South Coast (Tathra).


That’s good to hear, no multi-path distortion or anything like that?

Hope103.2 transmitter output power is at 8kW during the test, when normally it’s 10kW, main antenna is higher & will have a tiny bit more gain, so total ERP should be about the same, it’ll just throw the signal out there differently.


I’m not sure what time we’ll switch Hope 103.2 back on Friday yet, might be before lunch time, or it could be in the afternoon around 3 - 4pm something like that?


Hope 103.2 getting into Numeralla ok


Just did a quick test given conditions seem to be pretty normal right now, and also picked out just a few other stations for comparative purposes.

Readings are peak figures, indoors on a Tecsun PL-310ET 4am today at Charlestown, NSW.

92.1 2MFM - 31 / 20 (Strength / SNR)
92.9 2ABC - 36 / 30
93.7 2LND - 14 / 9
94.5 2FBI - 27 / 20
95.3 2PTV - 37 / 30
96.9 2SYD - 38 / 35
98.5 2OOO - 12 / 6
101.7 2UUS - 42 / 36
102.5 2MBS - 42 / 36
103.2 2CBA - 41 / 35
104.1 2DAY - 36 / 29
104.9 2MMM - 36 / 30
105.7 2JJJ - 38 / 29
106.5 2WFM - 43 / 39
107.3 2SER - 7 / 2

So for me, Hope is considerably stronger at the moment, previously peak signal strength would have been around 33db


A bit of enhancement this morning to Tamworth (91.7/93.9/94.7) and Armidale (103.5). Received from a favourable spot near Oatley Park at 0555.


That one’s actually very informative, given WS & KIIS are also on the main Artarmon antenna at reduced power at the moment, 2DAY & Triple M are still at Gore Hill, but we’re hoping to get them back at Artarmon today to do full antenna load test & check for inter-mod issues.

WS & KIIS are at TX power 16.5kW & Hope is at TX power 8.2kW, & your receive figures are almost the same.
KIIS to Hope is almost 3dB difference so that almost lines up with the half power, WS & Hope are a little closer & that’s a bit strange?

2MFM is also on the main Artarmon antenna & is at around 2.4kW TX power, so that’s probably around the correct receive levels.


Mine is only an $80 radio and I only tested over a few square metres, so I don’t know that I’d read too much into it … In other locations up here and with a different radio at a different time, the relative results may be different.

But yes, I was surprised to get a strong reading as that for Hope.

I will check tonight for Artarmon with hopefully everything back there (as that is the site that I get the best Sydney reception from).

A strange as that sounds, I am actually hoping for no ducting so I can get a typical reading.


Some NZ FM DX coming in right now.


Sky Racing and 2GGG being received this morning plus ABC Classic from Middle Brother.


Yep, I was getting 91.5 Mix from Greymouth, as well as an UNIND station on 97.1 (also from NZ, possibly The Breeze from Kaikoura) that was playing “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. This was at around Campbelltown at 10:30am AEDT using my Tecsun PL-390.


Some enhancement here this morning, Triple M & Hit station coming in like locals from Bendigo and Shepparton and decoding RDS straight away. as well as Edge on 102.5 coming stronger than normal Fresh Fm from Bendigo also coming in on 101.5 which I don’t usually receive. Nothing from Mildura or Horsham


Where are you?


That used to be The Sound. Looks like they’ve been kicked out of the Greymouth region entirely. Your 97.1 was probably The Hits from nearby Hokitika (that one also relayed The Sound up until recently).

It’s kind of ironic that the west coast of NZ, home of many Sounds, is without The Sound.


Swan Hill


Oh right, I’m in Numurkah, not much point DXing round here. Pretty flat land, any elevation in Swan Hill?


No its flat here usually DXing here is very dull as well I was just in the car and was amazed that my car stereo locked onto 3BO / 3SR and the Hit stations when scanning with full song information coming up instantly


Yeah that is impressive considering Shepp’s like over 200km from Swan Hill? Do you normally get Bendigo stations up there? But you’ve got your own commercials don’t you? From memory is it Mixx 107.7? Correct me if I’m wrong… Anyway down here obviously we always get Hit/MMM Shepp but rarely get Hit/MMM Bendigo with RDS, usually just normally get a weak signal. When I go to Rochester, I find that interesting because they’re about half way between Shepp and Bendigo and I find it fun to see which stations give the strongest signal… Normally it’s always the Bendigo’s :laughing:


I have more chances of getting Shepparton than Bendigo here probably because of the flat tertian although my parents where I grew up about 50km south east of here Bendigo was stronger. We have a nearby low powered Flow FM station around here about 80km to the west and 3SR can be big problem getting reception of that station as they are both on 95.3