AM and FM DX


How do you know it’s Triple M Newcastle & not Triple M Sydney?

Forget you know what you know, & that you know the correct frequencies, look at it as a member of the general public, who has no knowledge & doesn’t care about radio, they’re just changing stations & scanning the band looking for their favourite music on Triple M Sydney, think WTF is this shit on Triple M?


All good!!!
I thought my tuner would have displayed it as Triple M Newcastle but it didn’t.

They were playing Delite Grove is in the Heart at the time which would never be heard on Triple M Sydney. It would definitely cause confusion to the everyday listener if their RDS radio locked on to 102.9 Triple M.


Gees. When you think their music could not get any worst :man_facepalming:


The station name text is a bit different.

Newcastle = TripleM (mostly lower case and no space)

Sydney = TRIPLE M (all upper case with a space).


Yeah but you know that, what if you’d just driven up from Melbourne or down from Brisbane?


In addition to the Wide Bay, Rockhampton and Mackay, later the opening delivered Townsville with weak 4TO and fairly good PNN on 94.3 and JJJ on 105.5 (over the top of PNN Rockhampton) then from Cairns, Classic FM on 105.9 and local ABC on 106.7 over Rebel Childers (always vv weak here).


When Zinc 96 appears on the RDS list, you know it’s a good time for stations up the coast. Was good late afternoon driving up to Bris but gone later in the night.

The BoM radar east of Beenleigh was a mess of anomalous echoes up the coast and west, so you could see this was all over the spectrum.

How’d you go for DX TV @TV.Cynic?

Agree with @RFBurns and everyone else, destroying brand value of long standing stations is poor business and creates unnecessary confusion.

The appalling dual (mis)use of the MMM brand with different meaning outside the established metros is ridiculous.

I smirked my way through Irene Cara’s Flashdance song on “MMM” on Thu arv on a regional network feed. My fellow travellers could not work out why the station is called MMM but plays pop. Joke is firmly on SCA.


Mitsubishi Pajero! … if anybody wants to try receiving it, you have to not be in any view of the FM site at Mt Barrow


They are all slightly different.

Triple M
Triple M Coffs (text alternates)


WIN 10 from Wide Bay signal was detected but not strong enough to decode. There was no enhancement in UHF


just a little bit of Es from QLD around 8:30 this morning. Noted FM briefly from Mirrium Vale, Sunshine Coast. The 6m beacon from New Caledonia was in but no FM (FK8SIX 50.080Mhz).


Bay FM from Byron booming in tonight on 99.9 usually occupied by Mt Dowe.


Nothing decent here in Brisbane tonight for me except Paradise FM from Ballina.


Later, 2MW received on 103.5 from Mulumbimby over the top of MMM Fraser Caost plus 2MW from the Gold Coast on 104.1 over the top of JJJ. Coraki 88.9 and Ballina 101.9 community stations scratchy. On 101.5 Beaudesert received whith antenna to south and Caboolture to the north. On 101.3 Noosa community to the north and the Tweed station very clear with mono signal playing music with ID of “101.3” Also 2ZZZ on 100.9 over the top of Wide Bay.


Zinc 96 overpowering JJJ Mt Nardi as far south as Ashmore out to Beechmont, especially on north facing slopes. Usually Mt Nardi is local signal.


I’m at Buderim and Zinc was being wiped out by JJJ



Well done.

Do they not run Spoony’s show from 9 -12?


This was on Saturday; I think he’s only on during the week? I can’t recall if I heard him on there during my trip to TAS earlier in the year.


On my way down to Canberra this morning, I got a bit of SNOW instead of SBS on the Southern Highlands