AM and FM DX


What was your location, Robertson, Kangaloon??


No just driving along on the Hume Highway near Sutton Forest.


FM 95.3 in Brisbane has had the Black Mountain signal adjacent to Cooroy in Noosa Shire blank out the usual Classic FM signal fromMt Nardi on Tues night so some DX opportunity from the north.


I checked out the mixing re the Goulburn TXs whilst driving past Mt Gray yesterday.

The issue that afflicts 95.1 (with Eagle FM and 94.3 mixing) can also be heard on 95.9 but it’s not as severe, and only lasts for a couple of kilometres.

I also noted that EAGLE FM RDS also appears on both 95.1 and 95.9


Just a heads up, no one is broadcasting on 89.9 FM at the moment. So it be interesting to see if anything is dxable around that frequency.


There’s also an issue in Crookwell on 101.3:

@RFBurns- do you know anyone down there that could fix this?


Yes managed to pull in ABC Local Radio SW Slopes on 89.9 on the Tucson car radio in The Ponds (NW Sydney) only just receivable on hill with LOS to the south west.

If there was only some skip I may have had a chance of receiving Radio Norfolk Island. Which is always blocked by Hawesbury Radio.


That seems to suggest that it is the local Eagle FM 103.7 and 2GN 106.1 translators mixing. I was only aware of the latter being on air.


Multiple NZ signals into Brisbane this afternoon.


NZ stations that were identified were 90.0 The Rock, 91.6 More FM, 92.4 Racing, 94.0 The Edge. All clear signals in stereo and able to be resolved from 100 kHz adjacent semi locals.


had FMDX from the Pacific this afternoon around 17:00. Heard Fiji on 88.2 & 92.2 (3500km), possible Western Samoa on 89.9 at 4500km with polynesian songs & also heard Norfolk Is incl (briefly) the new Pines FM 99.9

YT video of 89.9


I have contacts in the Capital Radio Network, I’ll let them know.

No guarantees they’ll fix it though!


95.1 2BS-FM Bathurst on air - hearing it clear in Numeralla


Same here in southern Sydney- pounding in on the Tecsun.

The website mentions that the test will conclude next Thursday. Whether they convert immediately afterwards remains to be seen.


You’d think they would convert straightaway, assuming there are no issues.

I remember in 1989 NEW FM launched at 5 pm on a Friday immediately after ceasing test transmissions.


Receiving it on the Tucson car radio parked near the water tower on Wilson Rd Acacia Gardens. Car radio was able to stop on it on a scan.

On the Digitech Dab+ fm tuner connected to outdoor Omni fm antenna it was just receivable under the splatter of Smooth Fm.

I texted the tech the reception report and he said they are broadcasting at full power but currently without pilot, which is why there is no stereo.


just a bit of FM skip to Toadsville around 13:00AEDST with 4PNN 94.3, Power FM 100.7 w/RDS, Hit 103.1, 102.3 4TO w/RDS & 92.3 4TO/t Mt Inkermann


95.1 2BS-FM was very strong atop Glenfurgus Hill between Numy & Cooma on my i30 car radio when I went to work early this morning.


Came across it in the car on Windsor Rd at Kellyville this morning. Fades up pretty strong in parts but not consistent for any mobile listening.
@Ant5476 I happened to try it next to the water tower also this arvo, it is very strong there going down the hill to the west.
It’s 2 bars on the sony (same as Powerfm Nowra).
Only mono :neutral_face:, hopefully that will change at some stage


Some FM skip this arvo / evening incl. Alice Springs (TAB 95.9), Townsville, Mackay, Cairns & the 4AM/t 91.3 Ravenshoe.