AM and FM DX


Outside the red contour on the ABC reception website.

Directional away from SA right?

Was the 88.1 service a self help or ABC?


50w ABC’s from Miriam Vale plus Gladstone commercials tonight.


Interesting evening to be receiving signals from that part of the world

I was just DXing ABC on 855kHz and it made for some scary listening - an unpleasant reminder of when bushfires hit back down in Victoria. Hearing that SEWS still gives me goosebumps


As @crankymedia suggested, that sounds like it was a self help service.

It would be unusual for a government funded service to be switched off, it would be politically unpopular to do so.

But it’s not that unusual for self help services to be switched off, mostly due to lack of council funding.


I don’t think it was self help- it was designated as a national service rather than a retransmission. The power was also substantial at 2 kW.


Today (30th November) is the 1st anniversary of my record breaking Philippines FM reception on 92.3. It was on this day at 16:30 that I had this reception 5,435km distance

(for those who may not have seen my YT video)


On a humble Sony. Great!

Using what aerial?


Korner 15.11


was a bit of FM Es this afternoon around 17:00 from Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane & brief New Caledonia 90.0. Brisbane reached 105.3. Choral music was also heard briefly on 90.0 which might have been Vanuatu.


We managed to grab some rare tropo from 107.1 7XS Mount Read (Rosebery) from Mount Cooper ‘Super Cooper’ (between Bombala and Nimmitabel) this morning. Reception was fairly weak and fleeting but I managed to record it. Video to follow when I get back to Sydney.

Distance roughly 660 km over Bass Strait. The interesting thing was that there was little enhancement to other parts of VIC and TAS, though the Launceston (Mt Barrow) nationals were above average. I think 7WAY FM may have been in on 105.3 too.


Currently getting all three Knights Hill commercial stations with RDS and song info!

I can null between Rhema and Power, watching the station and song info change when I move the radio :smile:


Now getting South Coast (Mt Wandera) and South East (Brown Mountain) ABCs.

Plus 2ST Huskisson and 2BAB St George’s Basin.


Nothing to exciting at my location, some lite enhancements of the Newcastle commercial fm’s and Eagle Fm Goulburn.



Power 104.3
2EC 105.9
2ST 106.7
2EAR 107.5

Faint ABCs Canberra on 102.3 and 103.9
101.5 blocked by Great Lakes FM.and 105.5 by NEW FM splatter (gee that thing causes a lot of grief :-1: ).


Things are starting to lift abit now, Newcastle signals are bending away with the nationals now at low signal strenth.

In comes the inland tropo, Eagle Fm in stereo with RDS. Enhancements of Orange Nationals, and Sky Sports Bathurst.

Slight to moderate Enhancements of Middle Bro.

Edit: Newcastle nationals, Triple M and Hit 106.9 back.

Eagle fm very strong


Ducting is now swinging back to coastal with all Newcastle commercial fm stations booming in, however no RDS being received. Waiting for first time Triple M Newcastle RDS.


Melbourne reception is available most days from Mt Barrow… I havent had a chance to prove DAB+ reception.


Wide Bay vv strong into Brisbane tonight. Also receiving Gladstone commercials, Rockhampton ABCs, MMM, TAB and Yeppon community on 91.3 plus MMM from Mackay on 98.7. In the other direction Breeze from Tenterfield on 102.5.


Finnaly got RDS to decode on Triple M Newcastle, the Digitech displayed it as TripleM.
New fm RDS also decoding as NEW FM, Newcastle’s Best Music.
Nothing for 2NUR or Hit 106.9


Great catch!
4 degrees… brrr!!!

What car is that? It’s a very informative looking display with direction indications and looks like some sort of terrain graph?