Alan Jones Direct To The People

Alan’s holding a press conference at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney today to reveal his next move.

Check out the suit. It burnt the pixels in my iPhone.

Who’s dressing Alan? It looks like a colour the Queen would wear.

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Whats your email address again? Want to send you a completely unrelated email


Alan Jones announcing that he will start his own digital TV show from Monday 8pm AEDT. It will be shown via Australian Digital Holdings.

Format of the show will be “familiar” to regular viewers of his shows with 2 main interviews.

At 7am in the morning will be additional comments.

Seems that reports he would become Australia’s Climate Change Ambassador at large were incorrect :wink:


Notice how he’s doing his new show in the exact same slot as he did Sky, 8pm Monday to Thursday.

Almost like it’s a bit of an up yours to Sky.

Online TV show? Are his audience going to be able to find him?


No, Surely Alan Jones of all people wouldn’t do such a thing.

who or what is Australian Digital Holdings?


Appears to be fairly new given searching only pulls articles related to the announcement by Jones, I did find that it was registered with ASIC on November 25th.

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Was thinking the same, and the

is almost a bit of a “remember when I had a slot on breakfast tv”

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He keeps talking up his Facebook following; as he did when he was in discussions with Sky News. Claimed they underestimate the numbers. He was talking through the numbers today again. They will be able to watch vis FB and YouTube it seems.

You can watch the announcement on if FB page

Should that be Fully Syk News? Or maybe Sick News?

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So should we set up a seperate thread for Alan’s new show?

Or just leave the discussion here in Sky News for the few more weeks that Alan will remain relevant to the media landscape?


That’s Pauly Fenech’s New News Network. John Mangos is the Chief Anchor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

This is an interesting (yet not overly surprising) thread.


More info in this Mediaweek article:


Cap from the first show tonight.


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I wonder how many of that 4k watching are from here? And how much it will drop off for tomorrows episode?


Only 3.7K according to my stream!

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Yeah I rounded up. I’m not watching, I’ve just seen that cap above.

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