No my point was that was only one reason. The main reason was because of the rivalry between my club and west coast. The supporters just add to that. Its just every game i watch of theirs at home sees me frustrated at the fans. And I know all clubs do it. Im just saying i notice it more of west coast fans. Sorry just an observation. Not trying to insult.


AFL Members officially sold out. Only got as far as Gold memberships.


I think West Coast will get their revenge on 2015 and also 2011 Prelim loss, as well as deserving Top 2 and playing well at the MCG. Totally different from 2015. But in a close Grand Final, could be by a couple of goals or a few points by final siren. I know most probably want Pies to win, but just a gut feeling.

Like Dees showed yesterday, I also think Pies have punched above their weight making the GF.


Who wins the Grand Final?

  • West Coast Eagles
  • Collingwood

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Thanks for the information.


One thing that is great is we have had different teams play in the last three grand finals. No same team has played consecutive GF’s since 2015.

Would have to also make an argument for West Coast being the most successful interstate club when it comes to grand final appearances and wins.


Look, Collingwood have looked fantastic and Friday night was unbelievable. But yesterday was even more of a shock, complete ownership from the get go with opponent no return. I think Pies should be very worried.


I agree I think both teams have been fantastic all season. Hey if you told me 12 months ago Collingwood and West Coast would be playing off in a Grand Final this year I would have had you admitted for assessment. This time last year the talk was Bucks was going to be given the flick. Now look, he has sent them to a Grand Final. The faith obviously paid off.


Without getting ahead of myself, I think Collingwood haven’t operated this well as a team since 2010. Hopefully they take that confidence from Friday night and bring their best this weekend


Yesterday went exactly how I thought it would.
Friday night much more surprising, although the way Richmond played last 3-4 games suggests they had reached their peak. Playing Martin severely underdone clearly stupidity in hindsight.
Pies have played well in September, except for the quarter and a half where WC blew them apart in Perth.
Think if the Eagles play like they did then, that on Sat they win easily. If not, should be much closer.


All I can say is go my mighty eagles. You have been underestimated all year. Now’s your chance to wake up the country and say that you are here.

I have a feeling we can beat Collingwood, but at the end of the day as long as its a close one and my boys put up a good fight, I’ll be a happy supporter :slight_smile:


Shane McInnes (who’s been a 3AW sport reporter / presenter / caller / corespondent for over a decade) was talking with Tony Jones, filling in for Neil Mitchell, saying he too thinks West Coast look the better of the two sides going in, acknowledging West Coast’s poor record at the MCG but says they’ve looked better than ever the past year and Optus Stadium’s shape and crowd has helped a lot. He says he’s seen a lot of them working for 6PR too.


I don’t really understand how they have a bad record when they won both their games at the MCG this year, one of those against Collingwood. The dynamics of Optus Stadium are very similar to the MCG and obviously has helped with their interstate travel.


Optus has without a doubt been one of our biggest advantages this season. Its an amazing venue.


@OnAir fkn cheeky devil voting twice

such a different vibe to subi oval actually, so much louder and somewhat more fun.


Agreed. Been to a few games there.


Haven’t been to Optus stadium for an AFL match but would like to go there. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to head off to the stadium as I was busy with other things.


Now, wow.


Yeah and Optus Stadium is planning on to expand to 80000 but even beyond the 90000 mark.


Three awards were announced during today’s Brownlow Medal count.
Sydney’s Isaac Heeney won this year’s Mark of the Year for his high flying grab over Melbourne’s Jesse Hogan in round 21.
Richmond’s Jack Higgins won this year’s Goal of the Year for his incredible bicycle kick around the post against Collingwood in round 19.
Melbourne’s defender Neville Jetta is this year’s winner of the Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award. He was selected for his work supporting indigenous youth through various school-based programs.

In the end, Hawthorn’s Tom Mitchell won this year’s Brownlow Medal. The hot favourite regularly grabbed votes from the field umpires during the season, but faced a brief challenge from Collingwood midfielder Steele Sidebottom. Mitchell took an unassailable lead with two rounds to go, with Pies captain Scott Pendlebury taking votes from teammate Sidebottom. Carlton’s Patrick Cripps and Melbourne ruckman Max Gawn were also favourites but never had a chance.
Sidebottom currently leads the AFL Coaches Association Gary Ayres Award for the best finals player on 23 votes, six ahead of West Coast’s Jack Redden. They are the only two players who can win the award this Saturday in the Grand Final.