Well done Tom Mitchell, thoroughly deserved.

But it was a close count, wide open and went down to final few rounds, Sidebottom unlucky his teammate Pendelbury also polled. Melbourne stars Brayshaw and Gawn effectively cancelled each other out, huge result for Demons. Cripps 3rd I think for a cellar dweller team, wow.


Seems that a Herald Sun reporter has picked this up and written an article about it:


I reckon that this year’s crowd numbers at the AFL Grand Final will be just under 100,000 mark (I would say 99 998 at the MCG)
Last year’s AFL GF Between Adelaide v Richmond was 100,021.
Two years ago, the Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs was 99 981.
Three years ago, the Hawthorn v West Coast was 98 633 people. (I didn’t know why the crowd was lower than expected).
Four years ago, the Sydney v Hawthorn match drew 99454 at the MCG
Five years ago, the Hawthorn v Fremantle match was 100 007 (Fremantle’s first ever Grand Final and this pushed ratings further up in Perth).


People were bored of Hawthorn’s dominance, and West Coast don’t have much of a supporter base outside of Perth for obvious reasons


Yeah, I watched the 2015 AFL Grand Final on TV and noticed that the ratings was 2.645 million. For me, this match was a boring and I am sick and tired of the Hawthorn’s dominance.
The Grand Finals that I have enjoyed are the 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012-14 and 2016 Grand Finals. The 2013 GF between Hawthorn v Fremantle was interesting. About 500k Perth viewers tuned in to the Grand Final. Wow. But the Grand Final that I didn’t watch was the 2007 AFL Grand Final as I was in the northern hemisphere during that time. The Geelong V Port Adelaide Grand Final on TV pulled 2.56 million people watching the match. Someone phoned me saying that the Geelong Cats smashed the Port Adelaide Power by 119 points. The crowd at the MCG during the 2007 GF was lower than the Preliminary Final match - Geelong v Collingwood. I did not know why the crowd was low


I didn’t enjoy that at all.


was that the draw? 2010 year? If it was i was slightly annoyed that they had to go back and do it again a week later! So glad they changed that rule because of it!


Yep. That game still gives me chills, but at least the replay made up for it


Was really shitty. I reckon St Kilda were robbed of that 2010 grand final. They should have won that. They were really pretty good in that era.


I say this as a Collingwood supporter: St Kilda probably would have won in extra time. The momentum had shifted their way and if it wasn’t for desperate defending they’d have the win for sure.

Shame they didn’t show up the following week. They were spent


The sprints have really lost their value to the AFL prematch.


Ok I had a dream the other night and West Coast won. So I put money on them the other day. Guess I am hoping they win today so I can win some $$$


Only have $10.0 with a friend bet for WCE to win. I’m not expecting a big thrashing. Depends who can get up in the first quarter.


I put $100 on when they were at 2.20 on Tuesday. Not a huge winning but could be handy this week. If I lose that wouldn’t be so handy haha


you’re game to do that! :stuck_out_tongue: haha hope WCE so you can get your $100! :stuck_out_tongue:


They haven’t done much else for me or my team so this could either make me despise West Coast even more or give me a little more faith in them. This could go a long way to stealing the Elimination Final of us last year.


Gosh this is nearly over and its not even quarter time.


But wait, West Coast cut the margin back to 12 points at half time. So Eagles could have a chance of winning.


I know. I am glad they could claw their way back. Played a lot better in that second quarter and probably should be closer to being even.


Good contest so far. While Collingwood seemed to run away with the game, the Eagles got two late goals in the first term which gave them a sniff. The second quarter was an arm wrestle with the Eagles winning in the ruck while the Pies could not capitalise in attacks inside 50. Mason Cox had been very quiet, held at bay by Eagles defenders.