What a win by Hawthorn against St Kilda this afternoon. Despite inaccurate goalkicking in the first three quarters, the Hawks kicked the last five goals of the match to win by 10 points.

Fremantle upset the Melbourne Demons by 7 points at the MCG. I was a bit Skeptical about Fremantle’s season being a disaster, but they’ve won four straight matches and kept their season alive. Meanwhile Melbourne Demons are going backwards where they lost back to back matches in small margins.

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Thie might be of interest to those interested in stats

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If you’re thinking that, you have way too much time on your hands.

The group includes Cyril Rioli and wife Shannyn Ah-Sam Rioli, Carl Peterson, Jermaine Miller-Lewis and wife Montanah, and former Hawks staffer Leon Egan.

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The Coburg Lions in the VFL are Struggling big Time, Have’nt played a Final in 15 Years and Playing like Amateurs. On Sunday they play North Melbourne Reserves at Piranha Park, Reckon those 2 Sides shall form a Joint Venture Side to represent Melbourne’s North Western Corridor a Bit More?


Coburg should take over North’s AFL licence instead.

No. But surely Coburg’s license could be getting reviewed at the conclusion of this season, 0-10 is bad.

The West Coast Eagles season got much worse after being demolished by the Adelaide Crows by 122 points at Adelaide Oval. Taylor Walker booted 10 goals in his 250th game for the Crows. The West Coast Eagles have lost the last 32 out of 35 matches. Their season has been horrid with more injuries.
Now I’m afraid that Adam Simpson will depart as the West Coast Eagles coach. I find this Eagles season dreadful and unacceptable.


So, like the discussion of Coberg handing in their license for 10 losses, does West Coast hand theirs in?


He was the 2018 premiership coach? So he can obviously coach….

So what has gone wrong (apart from injuries)? Is it poor recruitment, player disharmony, has inadequate training practices led to all the injuries?

Was a great day to be a Crows supporter at Adelaide Oval, quite a privilege to watch Tex bag 10, but far out WCE were deplorable. Whatever’s happening at West Coast needs to seriously be addressed as they’ve been nothing but embarrassing for the last two seasons.

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It appears whatever magic he had is well and truly gone, they cannot stand for these continually deplorable matches.


Coburg should take their licence instead.

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Why are you afraid? Needs to happen.

And the Eagles performance has to take some shine away from that Adelaide win. A depleted opposition making no effort.

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Please lose tonight Carlton :pray: Yours truly, everyone.

Has anyone heard why the AFL byes are spread over 4 rounds? (I’m guessing TV broadcasts?)

Wouldn’t it be better to get them all done in say 2 consecutive rounds and be done with it?

Marlon Pickett arrested by the WA Police over burglary charges from 2019, after his win over free last night.

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Could be something to do with the number of teams and the longer season (amount of rounds) this year?