It took until round 19 for the first draw of this season: Richmond and Fremantle finished at 52-all. The Tigers had two marks in the final three minutes to clinch victory: Noah Balta took more than 30 seconds to shoot for goal, was called by the field umpire to play on, and kicked to the player on the mark. Then with seconds to go, Noah Cumberland took a mark 55 metres out from goal, and played on as the final siren sounded.

What a thrilling end to the game! I feel sorry for Noah Cumberland. Had he not played on, Richmond would’ve had a chance of winning if he stopped, set up, and at least scored a point.

Too many missed opportunities from Richmond tonight saw Fremantle lucky to head home with two points.


I think it’s time to get rid of the draw.

I went to Marvel Stadium last night. First time I’ve attended a draw.

I wonder more if it’s time for us to display the remaining time at the ground - it flashes on the boundary line briefly with five minutes to go but maybe it could appear more regularly.

There is no way Cumberland would have played on if he knew the remaining time. I think giving players more idea of exactly how much time is left could allow even more intense outcomes and excitement at the ground.

Leave it as is. Neither team played well enough to get four points in the allocated time. Why give one of them more time to do so and gain an advantage on the ladder?

Agree with status quo for finals, although I do miss the prospect of replays


It’s just the anticlimax I don’t like about the draw

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I have no problem with the draw during the home and away season. A draw is a draw, natural and pure so I don’t think it’s worth messing with it. I think the intensity of the last 5 minutes or so when scores are level outweighs any sour feeling once the siren sounds.


Yeah I understand what you are saying I just don’t see what a draw really brings to the game and whether it has a value. I get the traditionalist don’t like change. Personally I would just rather a result.

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I was one of the 72k people at the MCG tonight. So happy to see my Pies win. The crowd went wild when Jamie Elliott kicked a goal after the siren to win it for us.

Definitely should’ve been a free kick to Ginnivan for a high tackle in the first quarter.


Agree, I think the NRL Golden Point, where any score in extra time wins, adds more excitement, though I acknowledge not everyone is a fan of it.

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His actions are so dangerous so i am glad the umpire isn’t paying them. Hopefully that deters him from shrugging his shoulders.

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Great finish

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Yes, what he’s doing is silly and dangerous, but just isolating it to yesterday’s incident, he definitely should’ve got the free kick. Yes he has form, but I don’t think you could clearly conclude that he attempted to duck before the tackle was laid. By not paying the free kick, it looks like the AFL are condoning high tackles, and someone will seriously get hurt one day.

Update on the situation tonight:

He’s now manufactured a circumstance where he’ll not get paid frees for legitimate incidents too - its a risky strategy from Ginnovan that he may lose out on.

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It’s his fault for not getting a free kick though. Monfries was the same for port and Essendon back in the day. Hopefully he learns from this and stops with his actions because he doesn’t need to do that. He is a good player without those cheap frees.

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I haven’t been able to go through heaps of the threads here and this is one I don’t venture into too often so apologies if things have been discussed.

Here’s a statement from the Tasmanian Premier about things too.

I agree with the comments about Tassie getting screwed by the AFL. They aren’t helping things, we’ve had business cases showing that we can afford it, we had a major sponsor with a previous bid (Mars back in about 2008), we’ve had successful relationships for decades with Hawthorn and a few years with North Melbourne and we have waited and done everything that is asked of us. The state never ruled out a stadium but it was to be a future thing to now be told we must have it and we must be the ones to fund it after the hundreds of millions thrown at Gold Coast and GWS where they didn’t even want teams is just complete BS.

If this doesn’t go through, I think the AFL is going to have a hard time - we won’t and shouldn’t renew the Hawthorn and North deals and I can see a lot of people turning against the AFL here because of the way they are treating us. I never would have contemplated NRL ever in Tassie but if the AFL screws us over I could see an NRL team before the AFL and it sure could be an interesting decade or two coming up. The A League also a possibility after we came close to a license there previously.

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I really hope that Tasmania get their own AFL team, I’m sure it will be well supported like the Jackjumpers in the NBL and the Hurricanes in the BBL

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At the moment, I’m opposed to a 19th license. It’s too many teams. There are so many other issues the AFL could be fixing before worrying about a new team.

If there must be a team located in Tasmania, I’d look at relocating either North Melbourne or St Kilda. They’d keep the Kangaroos or Saints branding but the North Melbourne or St Kilda bit will go.