Has the AFL implemented a State of Origin series before?


When the AFLX draft was on TV last Wednesday, the AFL was offering $10 ticket for adults for three hours at Ticketmaster website.


I was an Australian Football Alliance fan.

About the only time in my life I cheered Bucks.


Anyone know if afl members get into this for free?


Free tickets to AFLX this weekend until 12pm tonight. Obviously not many are getting tickets.


Thanks to AFLX (and other factors), the annual Swans trial match at Henson Park got moved from Friday afternoon to Friday morning at Blacktown.

I can tell you, they’ve pissed off a lot of my students. :frowning: F##k off AFLX, give more support to AFLW.


Maybe you should ask AFLY? Don’t worry, the way it’s going AFLX is looking more like AFLZzzz…


Where abouts are these available?


Oh shit sorry. The sale has ended it was just by going to the tickettek website. I got sent an email.


I see there are concerns about “the state of footy in Tasmania” again. Funny how certain sections of the media grab hold of issues at least 20 years late and think they’re helping and/or concerned.


AFLX is getting more tacky. A game of Rock Paper Scissors will replace a coin toss. How stupid is this game?


I feel sorry for you.
Dwayne Russell said on Sportsday on 3AW this evening he heard a rumour that next year’s AFLX would be a State of Origin format.


People don’t want this stupid AFLX they want a regular football match. Give us a weekend of State of Origin.


Yep, people will get excited about a contest involving a mix of the league’s best players, if there’s something on the line and the game being played is actual football!

The ‘gimmickiness’ of the whole thing is just cringeworthy, hardly likely to win over new fans and very likely to alienate the rusted-on ones. At least a SoO competition, even if played pre-season like AFLX is, would engage the fans


Missed opportunity to bring the lower tier seats in at Marvel Stadium I’d have thought.


More like NRLX

oh I’ve misunderstood


Wow! I have seen bubbles flying everywhere over at marvel stadium for the aflx. I thought that people wer having fun. I noticed that there we’re 25k at marvel stadium


Especially with Victory vs City in an A-League derby tomorrow night that will almost certainly attract a bigger crowd (even if City fans are basically dormant).


They had people on the ground though.


So if they want fans near the action, bring the seats in.