It is the most frustrating thing any AFL Footballer can do. Robbie Gray is another one that does it at Port and I find it so frustrating because when he deserves to get one he doesn’t get it because the umpires know that he plays for them. I doubt Chad will stop.


Every club seems to have at least one. Agree about Robbie Gray.


Chad won’t stop as the umpires love Hawthorn


Yeah the whole +3 Hawthorn ended up in the free kick differential proves how much they love them…


I’m sure James Sicilly is the reason for that stat :stuck_out_tongue:


Big Boy McEvoy has done pretty well last year. I’m sure he will do again this year.


Deadlys vice-captain: Shaun Burgoyne
Bolts vice-captain: Luke Hodge
Flyers vice-captain: Marcus Bontempelli
Rampage vice-captain: Patrick Cripps


All are pretty big name players


What do you think of the revamped AFLx?

  • Electric
  • Boring - cannot wait for the AFL Season to start in March

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The format of AFLX draft was announced today.


How can we know if it hasn’t aired yet?


More details revealed for this year’s AFLX tournament, including 20-point supergoals during the last five minutes of a match.


So essentially the AFL are just taking every suggestion from a brainstorming session and hoping it sticks.

If this joke is still around in 2021 I will be surprised.


This is even more pointless than a school’s sporting carnival.


Yeah I think if the AFL want to try new formats they should just go back to the state v state games


Here are the starting line-ups for this month’s AFLX tournament as picked by the four captains during last night’s draft (but only shown this evening).


I don’t believe all those players will play.


Since last week’s draft, Steven May, Chad Wingard and Robbie Gray have withdrawn from their allocated teams. May has been replaced by Jade Gresham and Gray replaced by Tom Rockliff.
Also, tonight the AFL revealed the fixture for next week’s AFLX tournament in Melbourne. All times in AEDT.


I got an email today for $15 adult tix and free kids.

They’re getting desparate.


I am sure it was $5 last year