They wanted to offer the fans to be part of the game. Last year they brought the seats out. I prefer the seats being in and have a carnival feel on the ground.


The whole fashion thing was a bit over the top with AFLX. I went and stayed for a few games I just found it very hard to follow. I did not understand the 10 point thing.


Just watching some of the JLT match involving Essendon and Carlton. As an AFL fan I love the new rule of 6 in the forward 6 in the back as the ball is bounced. However, as a Port Adelaide fan I am very worried. A strong midfield and a strong forward are going to see a flow of goals. It will be great for the game. I just don’t think Port Adelaide have the strongest midfield so I worry how they might go with these new rules. It has put a huge value on clearance masters and power forwards.


Yeah my son is a midfielder and his club played an intra-club on the weekend at Yeronga under these rules… He’s 16 and pretty nimble so was running rings 'round the older blokes (with clean disposals and second efforts)…

They were still paying zone though… so six on six… he found it pretty easy to find his targets in the forward line… but sadly the accuracy in front of goal wasn’t so good. No matter how good the midfield is… makes no difference if the forwards can’t fire.

So a ‘power’ defence (and Port look good on defence) is still of value… particularly if they can clear it quickly.


Yeah but I always noticed port were vulnerable in defence when teams got a quick clean away and they didn’t have a westhoff stemming the flow.


I wouldn’t be that worried, once teams work out that if you rely on defensive structure that you need your best tacklers in the middle to restrict the flow out or to get repeat stoppages to get the structure in place it will be back to how it was.


National Australia Bank has extended its partnership with the AFL, replacing Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission as the naming rights sponsor of the under-18 competition. From this year the competition will be called the NAB League.


Not the NAB Cup? Too many memories of the former pre-season comp I guess :smile:

Ah man, some good memories of the old NAB Cup - the 2006 comp saw our first silverware since 1963 (just don’t talk about the rest of the 2006 season)


Some quality JLT matches this series. I like the new rules. The 50m rule is something that needs to really change - it didn’t look good today.


ANd brisbane lions beat Melbourne today. The Brisbane lions are improving this season and want to be more competitive. They could potentially play finals for the first time since 2009. I think lions can beat eagles in round 1


Any Bulldog fans around here? They look rusty. The defense is very sloppy.


Not worried about that end of the ground, it’s the other end that’s been an issue ever since for some reason the deckchairs in the box were rearranged post premiership (e.g. Giansiracusa who was in change of the forwards was suddenly made defence coach, when he barely played 5 minutes in the back half, he’s now 2s coach).


Anyone know if AFL Record do digital subscriptions?


They had an iPad edition a few years back but it stopped due to poor numbers actually subscribing. Don’t believe they’ve gone back to it.


The AFL Commission met today and confirmed that this year’s Grand Final would remain a day game, starting at 2.30pm AEST.


It is ridiculous they keep debating this. Just confirm its in the traditional slot for time to come. I couldn’t care less what time it is on but I am sick of the debate every year and the fact they have an announcement for something so stupid.


Would anyone be interested in doing a footy comp or a supercoach comp this year or both? Quite happy to set up a group through one of the websites if others are interested.


That sucks! Not all newsagents in my neck of the woods (inner west Sydney - can someone prove me wrong???) carry AFL Record, and I can’t get to all Swans games either…at least Big League has an iPad app and I get the digital version off that.


I’d be very interested if you do it through ESPN FootyTips.


You can do it here or via ESPN FootyTips. I have been registered to FootyTips for nearly a decade, taking part in a tipping competition with more than a dozen fellow Delta Goodrem fans from around Australia.