Move them to Canberra, then yes.

There’s only two things Spotless should be used for - the Easter Show and the mighty Sydney Thunder.

We need a devil/evil emoji…:wink:


We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, so probably not for another 250 years.


250 years? I want them moved now!!! :rofl: :rofl:


Wrong shitpost. Follow the reply thread :wink:


I agree that GWS should be moved to Canberra. There’s a market which would actually support an AFL team, unlike Western Sydney which is probably more into rugby league and soccer.

Fixed that for you.

Sydney Showground/Spotless Stadium has never been that great for Sport IMO.


I would rather a Victorian team move to Canberra.


There needs to be a team in Tasmania first before a move to Canberra. If that is creating a new team or relocating one


Perhaps St Kilda? Cuz of dwindling crowd numbers?


I’d rather watch GWS get smashed any day than watching Sydney play at the SCG. Another boring 9 goal to 7 floodfest punctuated by slow boring chipping backwards before the inevitable boundary throw in? Karl Stefanovic throwing up in a wheelie bin is more entertaining.


Next month’s AFLX tournament will use a pink Sherrin.


So Hawthorn will have to find a new strategy, Tom Mitchell has broken both his tibia and fibula at training. Gone for the year and will probably be ineffective in 2020. Fantasy players are in a bit of a panic now, as he was an anchor for a lot of teams too.


Very heartbreaking for last years brownlow medalist where he broke his leg and screamed in pain. Hawthorn fans are worried that they may lose form in 2019.
Jack Gunston will be in good form if his kicking accuracy will be good enough


Really terrible news that (and I normally hate Hawthorn). League’s biggest accumulator and voted best player out for the season, and as you say will probably hamper him after that.

Reminds me of when Nathan Brown went down mid-season in 2005(?) - was setting the world on fire until he broke his leg. Took him two years to come back and was never the same player. Injury is very cruel like that unfortunately


I never like to see a player go down with an injury. It will just question how good Hawthorn’s list is. It is a massive loss.


Like this? :rofl:


As a long-time Hawthorn fan I am devastated at Mitchell’s untimely injury. It will disrupt Hawthorn’s scoring plans.


At least you have Wingard this year.


Yes he will probably play better for Hawthorn than he did for us last year


Definitely. Although I do worry he will get homesick. I really like Chad, I think he has huge talent. But I do believe he was a little too complacent at Port.


Wonder if he will stop staging for free kicks at Hawthorn? Spent way too much time doing that the last couple of years.