The AFL Draft returned to Melbourne tonight after spending a few years interstate. The top 10 draft picks were:

  1. Sam Walsh - Carlton
  2. Jack Lukosius - Gold Coast
  3. Izak Rankine - Gold Coast
  4. Max King - St Kilda
  5. Connor Rozee - Port Adelaide
  6. Ben King - Gold Coast
  7. Bailey Smith - Western Bulldogs
  8. Tarryn Thomas - North Melbourne
  9. Chayce Jones - Adelaide
  10. Nick Blakey - Sydney

Max and Ben King are the first set of twins to be taken in the top 10 of AFL Draft.


Biggest talking point was the length of time the whole process took. To drag the whole first round out to well over 2 hours is ridiculous. Making clubs take basically 5 minutes to make a pick that they would have made in less than 2 (which in this age would be more TV friendly, even for FOX) is the biggest case of overkill imaginable.


Does anyone know what is happening with AFLX?

I have been watching the behind the scenes from draft night. I have been finding it very interesting. I hope they release more.


AFL X is now a 4 team comp all held on one night, teams are selected by the captains from a preselected 100. Hopefully I miss it.


At around midday AEDT today, Nat Fyfe, Jack Riewoldt, Patrick Dangerfield and Eddie Betts each posted a different logo on their Instagram accounts. I think these are the logos of the four AFLX teams and each player will choose who will be in his team.

EDIT: the four stars will captain the new four AFLX teams in a revamped tournament, to be held at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium on Friday, February 22.
Fyfe - Team Flyers
Dangerfield - Team Bolt
Riewoldt - Team Rampage
Betts - Team Deadly


Dear AFL.

Please give up on AFLX. It sucks as a concept and last year proved it.

Kind regards,
The wider AFL community


If you compare it to the main season you can definitely question its merit, but I for one definitely found the concept more enjoyable than any of the pre-season matches last year so am definitely in favour of it.


I am too they just need to make some tweaks. I think this is a good step. No need to have every team have a team.

Personally I would rather a state of origin game during the off season.


Wouldn’t it be better to be played at AAMI Park since it’s a rectangular format and stadium?

Unlikely to draw more than 30,000, atmosphere would then be better there too with fewer empty seats?


There is a A-League derby at AAMI Park on Saturday February 23 (Victory v City).


This doesn’t sound good.


Gold Coast, West Coast, St Kilda and Richmond will officially enter AFLW competition in 2020.


the something tells me the marvel naming rights had something to do with these atrocious names. sounds like superhero teams more than footy teams.


Except they’d be actual Marvel characters if there was any money in it. They sound like BBL teams


Adelaide v Port considered to be 2 of the top 4 best games in2018 yet the AFL and Seven not willing to give it its own primetime slot to showcase it to the rest of Australia.


Speculation at best.

Non-Vic clubs get 19 to 22 games live on FTA in state Live.
Some Vic clubs are lucky to get 11 on FTA total.

Every week, 2 to 4 Vic clubs aren’t on FTA, and for every non-V on FTA, another V club misses out (generally the Docklands teams + Geelong and Melbourne).

If it were profitable for Ch 7 to show the showdown they’d do it. The fact they don’t speaks volumes for the game outside of SA.



It’s about showcasing good football on Thursday and Friday nights. Not sure why it can’t be a showdown, derby etc?

It’s not always about Victoria. These clubs deserve to have their game broadcast to a national level and for sponsors to be exposed. They certainly have proven they will have a good match. Unlike say Richmond v Carlton at the beginning of the year.


Carlton and St Kilda games should never be broadcast on FTA. Change my mind.


Can I add GWS games to that list? No one needs those toss-pots. :joy:


Not even if they played in a GF?