This was always going to happen and its something that sporting teams (and competitions) are going to have to put more effort into in the future - but its a tightrope that they’ll have to walk weighing up the benefits against what those who provide what is in effect a human billboard have to say about it.

Sportswashing has become incredibly rife across the board - its good to see some pushback (although I’d like to see greater effort to rid betting and crypto money too)


The AFL’s statement said the investigation would start immediately, with the panel to release a report publicly once it had reached its findings, with a projected end date in December 22.


I hope one day Port Adelaide can welcome Mark Williams back.

Will this affect the company’s partnership with the AFL and a number of clubs as well?


Good news for Brisbane fans with their coach allowed to return from tomorrow.

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Shouldn’t be allowed to return until the report has been released. Disgraceful. AFL just shoving this under the rug.


Bad news for players and their families?

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Cannot understand how a coach implicated in an integrity review is able to return to work before that review has been run.

So far from the point, but I have a gut feeling that it’s going to be a long summer for North fans.

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Thoughts on players being delisted then re-rookied so the club can make the minimum selections in the draft? (I’m not talking about the actual rookie players who aren’t quite ready yet) I personally think it’s wrong that experienced players, such as Brisbane’s Ryan Lester who has played 161 games after debuting more than a decade ago, can be selected using this method because the club has mucked up their list management and need to “delist” players.

Doesn’t have something to do with the club needing to delist a certain amount of players every year? This wouldn’t mean the club has ‘mucked up’ their list management.

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Yes but they should be required to delist a young player, not a 150 gamer!

There’s a view in the media and internally at Brisbane that the longer Chris stays away from the club, the more guilty he looks. It’s been reported that Chris has denied all allegations and is obviously very upset at what’s transpired in the last few weeks. The allegations against him are not as serious as the ones against Clarkson.

Yes, they only announced the panel to run the review three weeks ago, and obviously these reviews do take time, but Brisbane need a senior coach to guide them through pre-season and prepare for 2023.

This is bigger than a preseason.

So stand Fagan down and find another coach pending the outcome of the investigation.

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Yeah - three changes a year I believe

Blame the rules, not the player - admittedly its a risky loophole that sometimes backfires.

Delisting a younger player raises the likelihood they get picked up by someone else - delisting and resigning an older player that may be mid-pack in terms of skill/talent means they’re less likely to get picked up by others.

I’m starting to wonder whether this integrity review will actually find anything, particularly damming and this might be tainting the AFL (as well as the clubs) thinking about allowing them to return to work. I cant see why either of the coaches should be allowed to resume their duties while the investigation takes place, for all the NRLs faults, the no-fault stand-down policy they have seems to be the right way to deal with it in the short term.

Rather than trying to presume guilt or blame, we should be pushing for the proper process to run its course - the allegations (at least the ones published by the ABC) are incredibly serious and it puts into question whether they should be involved in the game in any capacity, for the sake of everyone involved they deserve to be appropriately and respectfully investigated and in the meantime their involvement in their current clubs should be minimised.

Thats a piss poor excuse for why he (or Clarkson for that matter) should be allowed to go back to work - both clubs should have been preparing and implementing coaching contingency plans


Great news for south australia with it likely to be them hosting the magic round next year. Apparently most games will be played at Adelaide oval and 1 or 2 games to be played in the Barossa.