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I’m hoping Tamara replaces Ian she certainly deserves the role.


Yep, that’s true. I’d just think something with more interviewing opportunities would suit both of them, Hendo does an occasional intereview, but it’s usually very brief.

Tamara would be ideal, but would weekdays be ideal for her?


They need to try better

Alison Branley’s PTC on the drone package that aired on Monday night’s bulletins needed a lot of work.

She sneered at the camera as if squinting through the sun.

Where is the experience of cameramen or those training her to present a half decent PTC.

It was a shocker and for a national investigation getting a lot of air play, they need to try better at the ABC to improve standards.


On last night’s bulletin after the weather Paul Higgins spoke eloquently about Hendo’s retirement announcement.

Respect shown to Hendo from fellow Melbourne newsreaders.


Virginia would likely be in the running for another TV project surely, on the national scale, or else ABC Radio Melbourne. Perhaps taking over should Faine leave shortly.


Tamara Oudyn taking over, just announced on Jon Faine’s program.


Tamara on Sunday - Thursday with Mary Gearin presenting Friday and Saturday.


Tamara Oudyn and Mary Gearin to helm 7pm NEWS Victoria

Top journalists Tamara Oudyn and Mary Gearin are the new faces of ABC NEWS in Victoria.

Starting next Friday 12 October, Mary will be in the chair on Fridays and Saturdays and Tamara from Sunday to Thursday. Both will also continue to add their reporting skills and experience to the newsroom and in the field.

The announcement of the new line-up follows the retirement of ABC NEWS great Ian Henderson this month after more than 25 years bringing viewers the nightly news. His farewell bulletin will be on Thursday 11 October.

Tamara Oudyn is already well known to Victorians after working for the ABC in Melbourne for 15 years as a journalist, anchor, podcaster and voice trainer.

Says Tamara: “It’s such a privilege to be entrusted to the role of ABC Victoria’s main anchor, and I step into it with a great deal of pride. It’s also an honour to follow in the footsteps of Ian Henderson. Hendo has been a mentor and friend for many years and I have enormous respect for him.

“I’ve been presenting at the ABC for a long time - I know our audience and they know me. They rightfully have high expectations and I can’t wait to bring them the news through the week.”

Mary Gearin is a leading journalist and former ABC Europe Correspondent who led the national broadcaster’s coverage of events such as the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and the birth of Prince George.

“I am thrilled with this new role and the opportunity to be a face of ABC NEWS Victoria, a place of great energy, talent and commitment,” she says. “It’s a marvellous opportunity to deepen my commitment to the newsroom and connect with the Victorian community around me.

"I’m excited about being able to combine the buzz of being in the studio with still being able to get into the field doing news stories and special projects across all platforms.”

Says Director ABC NEWS, Analysis and Investigations Gaven Morris: “As well as national and international coverage, local audiences want in-depth, high quality local news and information. Tam and Mary are highly experienced reporters, skilled presenters and gifted communicators who know how to explore the issues and tell the stories that matter to Victorians.”

Tamara Oudyn
Tamara Oudyn is a journalist, anchor, podcaster and voice trainer. Tamara has worked in television, both behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera, for almost 25 years. She has worked at the ABC in Melbourne for 15 years as a reporter and presenter for ABC NEWS, ABC News Breakfast, The Midday Report and Stateline. She started her career in television in 1995 at Channel 10, on the long-running children’s show, Totally Wild.

She continued to work as a researcher and producer for factual programs in Australia and the UK while completing a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT in Brisbane.

After graduating, she moved to Melbourne in 2003 and joined the ABC newsroom. She’s been presenting weekend news bulletins there for the past 12 years and coaches journalists across the network in broadcast voice. She produces and co-hosts a weekly podcast about Australian television dramas and the people who make them.

Mary Gearin
An experienced TV presenter, senior journalist and former Europe Correspondent, Mary Gearin is known for her versatility, on-air presentation and storytelling skills.

In the London bureau, Mary led the ABC’s coverage of major breaking world news events such as the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, the Germanwings disaster, Greece’s 2015 elections and financial crisis, and Europe’s migrant crisis. She’s covered four Olympics - three Summer, one Winter - three Commonwealth Games, a Rugby World Cup, the election of a new Pope and the birth of Prince George.

Mary is regularly called in as co-host of ABC News Breakfast, The World, and her content has appeared across all ABC platforms — TV, radio and online — to a wide range of programs including the ABC’s flagship current affairs program 7.30.

I assume Mary Gearin will continue her current role as national sports reporter.


Mary will continue reporting several days a week.


Is this an Australian TV first - female newsreaders seven days a week on a regular basis? (Edit - scratch that, have been reminded that SBS used to do it. But have any local bulletins done females across the week on a regular basis before?) Either way, it’s good to see. The move has also ensured that Melbourne finally has an even male/female balance of TV newsreaders, pretty good when there wasn’t a single lead female newsreader in the market even six months ago.

But with the ABC joining Seven in running Sunday-Thursday & Friday/Saturday presenter rosters in Melbourne, I wonder how long it’ll be until Nine News Melbourne follows suit. Sunday-Thursday & Friday/Saturday rosters have been the norm here in Sydney/NSW for a few years now, with Ten & regional news services being the main ones in this state to continue running “traditional” weeknight & weekend presenter rosters for obvious reasons.


Literally all of Ten’s news currently.


Fair point, was also since reminded that SBS also used to have female newsreaders across the week on a regular basis so amended the post! :slight_smile:

But out of the big three?



Ten currently has female newsreaders locally 5 nights a week plus Natasha Belling on weekends?

While not “big 3”, Southern Cross in Tasmania has Jo Palmer during the week and Rachel Williams on weekends

Back to ABC, Mary Delahunty read ABC News in Melbourne and for a time Sue Macintosh read on weekends


ABC have female presenters across the week currently in South Australia: Emma Rebellato (in for Jessica Harmsen who is on maternity leave) on weekdays and Alina Eacott on weekends.


Yep, has been that way for years and before that it was Jo Palmer and Kim Millar as the regulars.


Great to see Tamara being announced as Ian’s successor. Mary is also a great addition to the lineup.


I remember when Mary Gearin was on Ten and was Jennifer Hansen’s primary fill-in.


Saturday -
Paul Higgins is presenting in Victoria.


Adrienne Francis is presenting in Canberra.

Annah Fromberg presented Mon-Wednesday and Selina Ross presented Thurs-Fri and tonight in Tasmania.