ABC News Presenters and Reporters


On his last day at ABC before retirement, Ian Henderson will make a rare appearance on 3AW this morning, talking to Neil Mitchell.


Mary Gearin and Tamara joined Hendo on ABC Melbourne today.


ABC News Channel broadcasting Ian Henderson’s final bulletin nationally today.

EDIT: And there’s been a technical issue. Wouldn’t be any other way to farewell the ABC. News Channel is now taking national rolling news.


Did the report just freeze for anyone?


Make it two technical issues. First the wrong graphic was shown in the background during the first report (stockmarket crash) then the screen froze after a report on proposed federal tax cuts for small and medium businesses.
ABC Victoria is showing the NSW bulletin now.


with Juanita Phillips rocking her new glasses :stuck_out_tongue:
but poor Hendo, not a good farewell :frowning:


Still no sign of Hendo… will he even get a proper farewell tonight?


He might have to do a Friday night farewell instead?


I can’t even get the live stream on iView to work?


ABC News NSW (VIC) had two AFL stories to lead the sports break - looks like Sydney is at least catering for Melbourne viewers missing Hendo.


I’d say he will be back tomorrow night for a proper farewell.



Ian Henderson’s career does not deserve to end like this. It’s great he will be back tomorrow for another chance.



With the benefit of hindsight, probably a good thing they originally planned for Ian Henderson’s farewell bulletin to be on a Thursday!

Hopefully all goes to plan tomorrow.


Brian Henderson did a farewell bulletin on a Friday night in 2002.

Fingers cross everything goes to plan this time round.


Tune in tomorrow for his good-bye message

Doesn’t mean he’s doing the bulletin


Pretty sure he will be according to this:

This was also was Guy Stayner’s last night:



It’s not like it was deliberate.