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Newshub in New Zealand has a habit of calling their main bulletin a ‘show’.


Although it’s good that ABC News NSW uses presenters like Kristen Aiken & Nicole Chettle to fill-in for the relatively rare number of bulletins Juanita & Jeremy are available for, I personally think it’d be great if they allowed Chris Bath to have another fill-in presenting stint at some point in the future. The 7pm bulletins Bathie read in June/July 2017 proved that she definitely still has it as a newsreader! :slight_smile:

Mind you, it’s hardly worth commenting on that when Chris Bath will soon play a major part in ABC-TV’s coverage of the 2018 Sydney Invictus Games, something the Seven Network really should be thinking “What could have been?!” for more reasons than one IMO.


Gemma Veness also filled in a few times and was quite good too.


Friday -
Nate Byrne presented weather in Victoria.


Narda Gillmore is presenting in Canberra.

Kirsten Aiken is presenting NSW news again.


The PTC in the drone package by journo Alison Branley was in need of a lot of polish. She looked angry whilst squinting at the camera. Surely someone of experience could help her out, don’t tell me the cammo was new at it too?


Natalia Cooper used to do the same calling it a show back in the day when she presented Nine News Now… Also Amelia Adams did a little bit when returning to the role in 2014:


Ian Henderson to announce his retirement. Last bulletin October 11


Quite a few retirements from ABC lately. First Peter Gee in Tasmania now Ian Henderson.

Any replacements guesses? Tamara Oudyn sounds like a shoe-in, although I would personally like to see Michael Rowland or Virginia Trioli succeed Ian.





ABC NEWS farewells a great – Ian “Hendo’ Henderson signs off

ABC NEWS veteran Ian Henderson is to retire as Victorian 7pm News presenter after a wonderful career at the national broadcaster spanning almost four decades.

Affectionately known as “Hendo”, he has been the face of the news for around a quarter of a century and is loved and admired by ABC viewers.

Says Ian: “After a long and rewarding career at the ABC, the time has come for me to explore some new directions. It hasn’t been an easy decision, but I’m convinced it’s the right one.

“I have some thanks to pass on: to the ABC for the wonderful opportunities it’s given me over the past 38 years; to my many colleagues for their support, good humour and camaraderie over the years; and to our loyal audience for welcoming me into their homes on a nightly basis! It’s been a rare privilege. I have a real sense of a bond with ABC viewers, and it’s a connection I’ll long cherish.

“As Australia’s media landscape contracts, ABC journalism has never been more important. And, importantly, it’s never been stronger.

“I leave you in very good hands.”

ABC Director News, Analysis and Current Affairs Gaven Morris paid tribute to Henderson’s contribution to the ABC, to audiences and to Australian journalism.

“Ian knows the 7pm audience and understands how to speak to them. As a result, viewers have a unique connection to him and they’ll miss him on their screens – as we will miss him in the newsroom,” he said.

“As well as being a favourite with viewers, Ian is an integral member of the Melbourne news team. His editorial decision-making, writing skills, smooth presentation and passion for the job have made him an asset to the ABC.”

Ian’s last bulletin will be on Thursday 11 October. The new line-up will be announced soon.

Ian Henderson
Ian Henderson joined the ABC in 1980 and reported at home and abroad, including working as a state political and industrial reporter. During four years as ABC Europe Correspondent in the 1990s he reported on the fall of the Berlin wall and the release of Nelson Mandela.

Over his career he has also hosted our state election coverage, presented weekly current affairs program Stateline and led many other special presentations, including our ANZAC Day coverage. His extracurricular activities include being a former President of the Melbourne Press Club.

He has been presenting the 7pm news bulletin on weeknights in Victoria since 1992. One of his most memorable work weeks came in February 2009 when he presented the news live from locations affected by the Black Saturday Victorian bushfires.

Henderson has also hosted many other special presentations, such as the ABC’s ANZAC Day coverage and the Melbourne Press Club’s Quill Awards .


But also not surprised. The guy has had a very light presenting workload over the last few years.



Surely the main gig goes to Virgina Trioli or Michael Rowland?


Having both done recent stints in local radio, I feel both would be wasted presenting 7pm, no matter how polished the product would be.


It’ll have to be Tamara Oudyn now that (thankfully) Guy Stayner’s been shipped off to Tasmania.

Tam’s been an excellent weekend presenter for 11 years and the audience love her.


Boo, he should stay he is damn good!


If it was his choice then no one can stop him.


Knowing how frequently Ian Henderson has been absent from ABC News Victoria (at times, it almost seems like he’s been absent from the bulletin more often than he’s been on in recent years judging by this forum), the announcement of his retirement doesn’t come as a major surprise.

I agree with everyone who’s saying that Tamara Oudyn would most likely be her successor, although it’s possible that the ABC might surprise us with someone else.

Haven’t both Trioli and Rowland co-presented News Breakfast together for about 10 years now? One can imagine either (or both) of them wanting to move from 3am starts before overly long.

That said, I definitely don’t think Michael Rowland will be picked as the new lead presenter of the 7pm news in Victoria. The ABC will want a female to be the new lead presenter of the 7pm news in Victoria on weeknights, I think.