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Guy Stayner now presenting in Victoria.


I remember hearing something about of a possible relaunch of ABC News sometime this year. Does anyone know the validity of this? After all this current packages will turn 5 in July.


Actually, I believe that the current look (well, if you ignore the significant tweaks that happened in Early 2014) will turn six years old in July.

While it has aged comparatively well compared to previous On-Air Presentation packages for ABC News (the 1998-2005 look for instance was very dated by the time it was replaced!), I’d certainly welcome a relaunch.


@Brad who is presenting weekends in Victoria?


Gloria Kalache is


Thanks @JackMelbTV Frances Bell must be holidays as well.

EDIT-Well being on maternity leave explains her absence.


According to her Twitter bio, she’s on maternity leave


My understanding is ‘ABC News Victoria’, ‘ABC News Breakfast’ The World’ and ‘Insiders’ will be moving into a larger studio come the end of 2016. There will also be a viewing platform for the public to watch (much like News 24 in Sydney)


Ian Henderson returns to present weeknights in Victoria next Monday.


Expect to hear more about this story VERY soon, a lot of journos chasing the ABC now and getting quotes from a very angry ex-tech journo today.


Gloria Kalache presenting the Victorian bulletin tonight.


Melbourne crossed to Indonesian Bureau Chief Samantha Hawley live at 7pm but Sydney didn’t - why!?

Edit: Sydney did at 7.09.


Because she can’t be doing 2 live crosses at once maybe? Like call me crazy but I’d have a hunch that was why.


Well they could, but I thought Sydney didn’t at all.


Paul Higgins presenting the Victorian bulletin tonight. When was the last time he read a full bulletin?


Maybe this?


Thanks. So it means Paul has not read a bulletin in two years?


Probably, I reckon Francis Bell/Gloria Kalache/Guy Staner may of been reading this time last year.


As much as I dislike when they put Paul as an anchor on News breakfast, I reckon it’d be great if they started using Del and Vanessa to fill in for Virgina sometimes.