ABC News Presenters and Reporters


Guy Stayner moving to Hobart is a big loss for the Melbourne newsroom.



Shocking presenter, too. Pity the Tasmanians. At least now Melbourne might get a decent substitute presenter who can actually read an autocue properly.


What did Guy present at ABC News Melbourne?


Guy’s a good reporter IMO but not a good newsreader. Reminds me of Mark Ferguson


Thursday & Friday -
Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria tonight.


Barbara Miller has reflected on her lymphoma diagnosis and treatment.


Ian Henderson presenting in Victoria this weekend.


Is that still a red and blue tie he’s managed to wear tonight? Looks like its from Perth too.


Kirsten Aiken presenting in Sydney tonight


Looking like Ian Henderson is still presenting from Perth tonight.


Ian Henderson is still in Perth for this evening’s Victorian bulletin. Is he staying in WA for the whole week?


I’d say so due to the renovations happening in the studio.


Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria tonight.


And back in Melbourne too.
Looks like Paul read the news while Ian Henderson flies home.


Thursday -
Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria again tonight.


Friday -
Tamara Oudyn is back presenting in Victoria tonight.


Kirsten Aiken is presenting in NSW.


I haven’t seen her present before.

Unusual for Juanita, Jeremy and Nicole to all be unavailable on a weeknight that isn’t in the holiday season.


She presented last Saturday, too. Usually on the news channel.

Glad they’ve gone for others over Nicole Chettle - never been a huge fan. She comes across a bit lightweight.


She just signed off with

“That is the show for tonight”.

I’ve NEVER heard a news bulletin called a “show” before :scream: