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Saturday -
Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria again tonight.


This week’s background from Monday


Tamara Oudyn is presenting in Melbourne tonight.


This week’s background

and Airlie Ward is presenting in Tasmania again.


Does anyone find this pose adopted by ABC News reporter Daniel Ziffer in holding both hands up above waist level in front of the camera a bit unnatural and odd looking? One hand is fine, but both?


Tamara is presenting this week.


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Nate Byrne presenting weather in Victoria tonight.
EDIT: also tonight (August 17).


Briana Shepherd presented in Perth this week


Can she be the permanent presenter please? James McHale is too boring to watch.


Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria this weekend.


Rebecca Hewitt presenting in Tasmania this weekend also.


Candice Prosser presented in Adelaide last night with a new background image, courtesy of @ScreenTower


Ian Henderson is back presenting in Victoria tonight.


In an unusual move, Leigh Sales is presenting the lead story on the Liberal leadership spill on the 7pm news in NSW.

Did other states get this as well?

ABC News Content and Appearance

Same here in Victoria.
Also, Paul Higgins presenting Victorian news tonight.


Yes, it was about 7:18pm before Leigh handed back over to the state presenters. That level of coverage was a bit of overkill really, we didn’t even get a new Prime Minister out of it.


Just because the PM didn’t change today doesn’t mean it’s not one of the biggest stories of the year.


Wednesday -

Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria again tonight.


Strange how Ian only returned on Monday and has been off since.