ABC News Presenters and Reporters


Paul Higgins presented again in Victoria tonight.

Update 8/8: Paul is still presenting tonight.


Looks like someone accidently switched to the “On-Air” feed for the backdrop screen during a live cross on this evening’s edition of ABC News NSW: :confused:


Paul Higgins said at the end of tonight’s Victorian bulletin that Tamara Oudyn would present the news tomorrow (Thursday).


Nate Byrne presenting weather in Victoria tonight.


SA news coming from Perth due to technical difficulties.


What happened to Clark?!


James Glenday is moving from London to Washington DC to be the next North America Correspondent.


Rebecca Hewitt anchored in Tasmania tonight. Cap courtesy of @ScreenTower


Friday -
Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria tonight.


Wow. James McHale looked so different compared to the last time I saw him.

That said, his presenting skills are still terrible.


Jenny didn’t disappoint tonight with her traditional live weather report from the RNA. She started this year with a bit of shearing.



That facial hair is absolutely disgusting. How anybody can allow that go to air is shocking.


Wow, never seen a man with a neatly trimmed beard before?

He’s not kissing you, he’s reading the news.


You call that neatly trimmed?

Geez. I’d hate to see it untidy.


I’m with @Frankie. Looks neat to me.


Without know the exact pattern of facial follicle growth and distribution, I’d say it’s neatly trimmed. Not clipped to stubble, but trimmed.


I’d have to agree, looks neatly trimmed to me and can’t see a problem with it.


This is what i said when i saw a Screenshot of him a couple of months ago.


Looks perfectly fine to me. What’s so disgusting about it?