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You’d hope this efficiency review into both the ABC & SBS allocates some money into improving the lighting of the News Channel studio, it’s totally gross at the moment


The NSW set is also a disaster.


New background image for SA bulletin

and Perth


This week’s new ACT background


The 7pm bulletins began with Leigh on headlines and then the main presenters said what else was coming up and then went to Leigh again on the main story


Just like how it should happen every night.


The 7:30pm bulletin from the News Channel. Note the considerably long length of the beginning part of the intro.


You know that they’ve done this format before? I quite like it and is an awesome idea to integrate both 7:30 and ABC News like this.


Unintended graphic tonight


The top story following political coverage and a LVO on ABC News Sydney tonight was about a building fire in Coonamble. Surley something around a little bit more local or relevant. Anything! A 6 hour drive from Sydney.


It’s technically ABC News New South Wales


Nope. There’s ABC Sydney and then the rest of the state gets ABC NSW. It just so happens that 99.99% of the time, they show the same thing.



They all get ABC News NSW. Not ABC News Sydney. Such is the ABC.


And that’s what the backdrop on the bulletin says too.


The bulletin itself is ABC News NSW - like the rest of them, supposed to be more state/territory-focused than the city/regional-focused broadcasts on the commercial networks.

ABC-TV itself? I think the only separation of the feeds is one for the capital cities and statewide/regional feeds for everyone else (eg, ABC-TV Sydney and ABC-TV NSW) but aside from the occasional spot for local radio, it’s pretty much exactly the same station 99.99% of the time.


Yes, only the “Network ID” on the LCN is different.

On VHF 12 in Sydney (and metro relays at Kings Cross etc), it’s “ABC Sydney”, everywhere else it’s “ABC NSW”.


New ACT background for the week




New NSW background