ABC News Presenters and Reporters


Gemma Veness is presenting in NSW.


It’s important to remember the people who read the news to us are human whose lives present them with the ups and downs that we all have to deal with. Worth remembering when we criticise their hair style, tie choice, dress or a fumble of their script.

For those unfamiliar, the segment is open to anyone to share their story and track, happy or sad.


She hasn’t been used a lot for Sydney news lately. It’s probably more likely to be Kirsten Aiken or Gemma Veness.

She’d be one of the better options. Another potential outsider contender could be Lorna Dunkley.


Monday -

Mary Gearin is presenting ABC News at Five and Victorian bulletin tonight.


Wednesday - James Hancock presenting weather in Victoria tonight.


@JohnsonTV James is currently presenting the weather on News Breakfast while Nate Byrne is on holidays for two weeks.


James Hancock is presenting the weather in Victoria this week.


Wednesday -

Mary Gearin is presenting ABC News at Five and Victorian bulletin tonight.

Friday -

Fauziah Ibrahim is presenting ABC News at Five


(17/12/2018) Gemma Veness is presenting ABC News NSW tonight.


Friday 21-12-18 - Sunday 23-12-18.

Paul Higgins will be presenting in Victoria.

Mary Gearin presenting in Victoria next week with Tamara on holidays.

Joe O’Brien presenting Christmas Day national 7pm bulletin

24-12-18 - 28-12-18 :
Jason Om presenting ABC News at Five (30 minutes) bulletin next week.


Do ABC usually do a national 7pm bulletin on Xmas Day?


Pretty sure that’s been the case for a while now. 20 mins followed by the Queen’s message.


Yep, for decades.


Yes, I’ve never known the ABC to go local on Xmas day. It’s usually a 20 min bulletin, followed by the Queens Christmas message.


Wednesday -

Kirsten Aiken is presenting ABC News at Five today.

Thursday -

Mary Gearin presenting ABC News at Five and Victorian bulletin.

Friday -

Paul Higgins is presenting ABC News at Five.

Friday & Saturday -
Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria.


Always had a local in QLD up until the last couple of years…



Melbourne and Sydney have both been national since I can remember. At least the last 10 years.


Josh Bavas is presenting in Queensland.


Thursday -

Paul Higgins was back presenting weather in Victoria tonight.

Paul will be presenting the Victorian bulletin on Friday & Saturday again this week.


ABC’s Peter Lloyd.

When does he learn his lesson?

He thought he was more important than the Singaporean legal system and was convicted and sentenced for drug charges there and now crosses the line years later in Australia.

Commercial media would’ve booted him long ago, yet all he gets from the ABC is a two month holiday.

Why does ABC management continue to protect their favoured staff such as him? Plenty of staff not within the inner circle are booted with increasing regularity and ruthlessness. ABC are not good people managers.

Great hire for SBS, solid talent.